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Promising Practices in HCBS: Ohio- Increasing Timely Access to Services

A home and community-based services program in Ohio is using electronic communication between case managers and providers to streamline identification of service providers for program participants. Program staff have found electronic communication greatly reduces the time required to find available providers when compared with telephone or fax communication. This report explores the interventions, implications, and impact of using electronic communication.

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Promising Practices in HCBS: Virginia- The Nursing Assistant Institute

This report provides an overview of the activities of the Nursing Assistant Institute. The Nursing Assistant Institute was created to develop and implement enduring solutions to the nursing assistant shortage in central Virginia. The report looks at the activities and impact of this program.

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Workforce Strategies: Introducing Peer Mentoring in Long-Term Care Settings

This issue introduces long-term care providers to peer mentoring, an innovative strategy that has been shown to significantly improve retention among direct-care workers. Implementing peer mentor programs at home care agencies and in nursing facilities, we identify the benefits of mentoring programs, define the peer mentor’s role, discuss critical mentoring skills, & outline the key design elements that long-term care organizations need to consider when developing their own peer mentor programs.

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Promising Practices in HCBS: South Carolina- Improving Responsiveness of Service Managers to Persons\' Needs

This report describes how the State of South Carolina is addressing a problem of inconsistency between an individual’s needs and the service plans developed to meet identified needs. South Carolina added a feature to its automated Case Management System that reminds case managers of needs identified in the assessment that may potentially be included in the service plan. The report details the interventions, implications, and impact of this automated system.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/49834

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States in Action: Building Nursing Home Transition into a Balanced Long Term Care System: The Washington Model

This summary was prepared by Robert Mollica based on a site visit to the state of Washington in April 2003 organized by the Rutgers Center for State Health Policy/National Academy for State Health Policy Technical Assistance Exchange Collaborative. Thirteen representatives from Nursing Home Transition Grantees from Alaska, California, Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Jersey participated in the site visit.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/49830

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Fiscal Impact Statement: Development of a Disability and Aging Resource Center on Long-Term Care.

The District of Columbia is seeking to expand the availability of home and community-based services (HCBS) for the aged and adults with physical disabilities.The Disability and Aging Resource Center will represent a cost to the District in the immediate short-term, however the Center is expected to have cumulative savings by FY 2005. This file is a complete fiscal impact statement for this project.

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Supplies and Services Competitive Sealed Proposal Template

The Department of Health in the District of Columbia used this template to find a contractor to operate a screening and counseling program regarding the long-term care (LTC) and chronic care needs for persons with a physical disability and elderly residents of the District. The operation of this program included developing and managing a centralized Resource Center. The District contemplated award of a cost reimbursable contract.

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