Dual Eligibles

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A Reporter's Toolkit: Medicaid

Supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, this toolkit features key facts, a brief background section, story ideas, lists of selected experts, websites, and a glossary. Designed for reporters, the resources will be useful for congressional staff, researchers, health policy students and many others. This toolkit explains who Medicaid covers, how it is financed, how it differs from Medicare, how states can alter Medicaid through federal waivers, and what the future holds for the program.

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Long-Term Services and Supports: The Future Role and Challenges for Medicaid

According to a report by the Kaiser Foundation, Medicaid has become the major payer for long-term services and supports to low-income individuals, and a safety-net for those who become impoverished as a result of long-term care needs. In addition to concerns about the high costs of long-term care, recent developments have drawn attention to challenges facing Medicaid as a provider of long-term care. This paper describes these challenges and other issues facing the Medicaid program going forward.

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Medicaid: A Primer

Need an overview of the basic components of the nation’s largest health coverage program? Medicaid covers 55 million low-income individuals and is the dominant source of long-term care financing. Examine the structure of the program, who it covers, what services it provides, and spending. Because Medicaid is jointly financed by the federal and state governments programs vary across states. Tables examining the state-to-state variation in eligibility, enrollment, and spending are included.

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An Analysis of the National Governors Association’s Proposals for “Short-Run Medicaid Reform”

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities just released an in-depth analysis of the National Governors Association's short-term Medicaid reforms. In August 2005, the NGA released “Medicaid Reform: A Preliminary Report,” a set of recommendations for Congress as it develops budget legislation to reduce projected federal Medicaid expenditures. This informative brief explores the recommendations and their implications for Medicaid.

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