Long Term Services and Supports

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A Report of Focus Groups and Personal Interviews Conducted in North Dakota’s Eight Human Services Regions

Interviews were conducted to identify current perceptions, patterns, themes, and suggestions for improving the choice and self-direction, quality and access to long term care supports. This research also identified ways to develop a mechanism to balance state resources for services, and to identify elements for the design and structure of a single point of entry mechanism. Groups included: consumers of HCBS, elderly and younger nursing home residents, family members of consumers, and providers.

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Reducing Nursing Home Utilization and Expenditures and Expanding Community-Based Options

This paper explores and analyzes selected state approaches to engage nursing facility operators to be part of systems change activities that offer individuals additional, less restrictive choices to live more independently with appropriate supports. The strategies described offer other states lessons learned that may be replicated as part of a broader approach to meet changing and growing demand for home and community-based services. Efforts in IN, IA, MI, MN, NE, ND, NY, and WI are described.

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Legisbrief: Money Can Follow the Person in Long-Term Care

Legisbrief is a briefing papers that offers important issues of the day. This volume provides an overview of the new demonstration initiative entitled \"Money Follows the Person.\" States now have additional support from the federal government. The new federal demonstration provides new financial incentives for states to initiate system of flexible spending for long-term services and supports that enables available funds to move with the individual to the most appropriate and preferred setting.

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TAE Issue Brief - Long Term Support for Individuals with Disabilities

This brief provides background information on characteristics of the MR/DD population and describes the major information and service needs of the MR/DD population and the existing supports and services system. The brief also addresses implications for grantees serving this population and provides additional resources to facilitate ADRC planning and operations.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/50917

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National Disability Policy: A Progress Report

This annual progress report calls on the Federal Government to be more creative in program design; be more accountable in measuring the impact of civil rights compliance for people with disability; and provide greater cross-agency coordination in managing disability programs. NCD has identified several important and recurrent themes that need to be addressed including: Program Design for a New Century, Accountability and Cross-Agency Coordination.

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Medicaid Deputy Director Position: State of Louisiana

Louisiana’s Department of Health and Hospitals is currently advertising for a Director to lead its newly created unit for Aging/Adult Long Term Care services. Creation of this unit is part of an exciting, larger effort to reform how the state delivers long term supports and services to older adults and people with disabilities. The deadline to apply for this position is August 6th.

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Costs and Outcomes of Community Services for Persons with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

This Policy Research Brief reviews available research on the costs and outcomes of community service provision for people with intellectual disabilities (or “mental retardation”) and developmental disabilities, with a particular emphasis on residential services. It focuses on a number of key issues related not only to public expenditures, but also to funding systems, related policies and regulations, and their impact on service systems, on specific service types, and on service users.

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Promising Practices in Long Term Care Systems Reform: Wisconsin Family Care

Wisconsin launched a new initiative called Family Care that redesigns its long term supports system by concurrently reducing its complexity & increasing participant choice. One of its most groundbreaking features is the way it concretely translates into policy the principle of “money following the person” by creating for program participants an entitlement to both community supports & institutional care. This report looks at how the state uses single point of entry & person centered services.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/49491


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