HCBS Business Acumen Environmental Scan

                                                                                                                                             Environmental Scan

The rapid expansion of Medicaid managed long term services and supports (MLTSS) and other efforts to integrate healthcare and long-term services and supports is creating new, exciting and yet challenging opportunities for Community Based Organizations (CBO) - seeking to work within these new program designs.
These new approaches mean that CBOs –  Area Agencies on Aging, aging services organizations, behavioral health organizations, Centers for Independent Living, developmental disability organizations, faith-based organizations, Native American tribal organizations (American Indian/Alaskan Native/Native Hawaiian), nutrition program providers, Protection and Advocacy Agencies, University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research & Service, and other local service providers for persons with disabilities and/or older adults - need to think differently about the services they offer, the customers they serve, and the way they demonstrate the value they add to services and supports. Instead of contracting directly with government funders, CBOs are now negotiating contracts with hospitals, health systems, accountable care organizations (ACOs), health plans, and other integrated care entities.

To equip CBOs with the skills, training and experience needed to effectively negotiate and partner with integrated care entities and other payers, the Administration on Community Living is funding a three-year Business Acumen for Disability Organizations grant. This work is intended to ensure that CBOs are part of the evolving service delivery system and that their significant knowledge and experience serving people with disabilities is preserved. The grant is being implemented in partnership with 10 national organizations representing a variety of perspectives and experience on disability.

To best understand the needs of the disability network community, we conducted an environmental scan of the business acumen of the disability network. Responses were solicited from the following three categories, each with its own unique survey. We collected results from April 2017 through May 2017.

Visit hcbsbusinessacumen.org to learn more about the environmental scan.

If you have questions regarding the results of the survey, please contact businessacumen@advancingstates.org.