Policy Director

Position Summary

Policy directors are experienced analysts and managers who play a key role in developing MACPAC’s analytic agenda, directing teams, and supervising the analysts to conduct that work. They also have specific technical expertise and conduct their own analyses or direct other organizational functions.

Like all MACPAC employees, policy directors are expected to:

  • Work collaboratively with others inside and outside of the organization and maintain productive working relationships;
  • Hold themselves accountable for meeting expectations in a timely, professional manner;
  • Adapt behavior in response to feedback and experience; and
  • Contribute to the growth, expertise, and knowledge of colleagues.

Major Duties

A policy director is expected, on a routine basis, to be able to:

  • Play a key role in management of analytic team by:
    • implementing strategic direction as defined by Commission and executive director;
    • assisting executive director in developing and managing the policy and research agenda to fulfill the Commission’s statutory obligations;
    • directly supervising analysts and project teams including managing workloads, reviewing work products, ensuring that performance standards are met, promoting teamwork, and fostering professional development;
    • coordinating and communicating with executive director, other organizational leaders, and analytic team members; and
    • identifying hiring needs and assisting executive director in recruiting analysts.
  • Design, direct, and conduct policy analyses and qualitative and quantitative research projects on Medicaid and CHIP policy issues by:
    • conceptualizing and executing analyses and research projects, including managing work of MACPAC staff and external contractors; and
    • directing the development of MACPAC products (e.g., reports, issue briefs, memos, presentations, congressional testimony, analyses of proposed regulations, and reports issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services);
  • Preparing analyses for technical support of congressional staff;
  • Presenting work at public meetings before the Commission, and to other professional audiences;
  • Representing MACPAC in meetings with congressional staff, stakeholder organizations, researchers, government agencies, and others interested in MACPAC’s work;
  • Serving as project officer for external research and policy contracts; and
  • Performing other duties as assigned, demonstrating commitment to team and personal success.

Policy directors may also maintain databases and complete statistical reports and data summaries, and use spreadsheets and statistical software to conduct statistical analyses.

Knowledge and Skills

In order to perform the major duties listed above, a policy director must have:

  • Experience and demonstrated skills in managing teams and directing data-driven health policy analyses;
  • Senior-level experience working on health system and policy issues, including Medicaid and CHIP;
  • Strong research, problem solving, and analytic skills;
  • Exceptional writing and editing skills, including the ability to explain complicated policy concepts and research findings in a concise manner;
  • Excellent oral communication and presentation skills;
  • Experience working for or with federal, state or local governments; and
  • Experience in managing complex projects and meeting deadlines.

Experience with creating, organizing, analyzing and managing large Medicaid-related data sets and using statistical software (e.g., SAS, Stata, SPSS) is useful but not required.

Experience and Education

The minimum requirements for the policy director position include:

  • Graduate degree in health policy, health services research, public policy, public health, public administration, statistics, economics, or other related fields; and
  • At least 10 years of experience in policy analysis or research and expertise in a substantive area related to the Commission’s statutory authority.
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Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC)
Washington DC
Date Posted: 
Thursday, March 18, 2021
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Anne L. Schwartz, PhD
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(202) 350-2000 Anne.Schwartz@macpac.gov
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