Community-Integrated Personal Assistance Services and Supports


Target Population

Persons with serious mental illness (SMI).

Geographic Focus


Primary Focus

Goals, Objectives, and Activities

Goal: Develop a common definition and service model of PAS for persons with serious mental illness for use by the Medicaid Agency, the Office of Mental Health (OMH), and service providers.


Goal: Develop and implement a training curriculum for all personal assistance providers based on the service model developed and assure adequate consumer participation and sustainability of training efforts.


Goal: Increase effectiveness of provider training and PAS through evaluation.


Goal: Develop and make available public education materials regarding consumer self-directed PAS.


Key Activities and Products

Consumer Partners and their Involvement in Implementation Activities

Public and Private Partners and their Involvement in Implementation Activities

Public Partners

The Bureau of Health Services Financing will collaborate with OMH (in DHH) to ensure that the Personal Assistant Services Employment Support option addresses the specific needs of persons with SMI who qualify for the option.

Private Partners

Advisory Body, Committee, or Task Force

Formative/Process Evaluation Activities

Summative/Outcome Evaluation Activities

Boston University will conduct an outcome evaluation to assess the impact of grant activities on the service delivery system and the clients, including measuring outcomes as specified in the work plan and assessing sustainability of these outcomes as specified in the grant.

Strategies to Ensure Sustainability