Enhanced Technical Assistance

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Staff Augmentation in Challenging Times

States are operating under virtually unprecedented budgetary and operational constraints. With fewer resources, states are struggling to implement significant mandatory initiatives, such as budget savings efforts and Affordable Care Act (ACA) provisions. At the same time, member agencies also face significant challenges with staffing and procurement that are essential to advancing any long-term services and supports (LTSS) initiative, while continuing day-to-day program operations. Specifically, states are facing hiring freezes, furloughs and reductions in force. Additionally, securing outside assistance via release of requests for proposals also has become more challenging. Because of these constraints, ADvancing States now also offers enhanced TA under separate contractual arrangements intended for larger scale work such as: 

Older Americans Act and Core State Agency Operations

  • Assistance with development of a State Plan
  • Development of the Business Capacity for Community-Based Organizations (Area Agencies on Aging and Centers for Impendent Living)

Strategic Planning and Organizational Transformation at the State Level

  • Agency (re)organization
  • Building partnerships and collaborations between aging and disability
  • Developing strategic planning documents

Medicaid Managed Long Term Services and Supports (MLTSS)

  • Setting the Terms of the State’s Relationships with Managed Care Organizations
  • Utilizing Reimbursement to Obtain Desired Outcomes in MLTSS
  • Defining and Measuring Quality in an MLTSS Environment
  • Engaging, Developing, and Maintaining Stakeholder Involvement
  • Development of new HCBS programs or renewal of HCBS programs
  • Consumer direction including Fiscal Management Services
  • Training on federal Medicaid requirements.

Adult Protective Services

  • Review of current operations
  • Analysis of current operations
  • Proposals for improving APS performance
Contracted technical assistance may be delivered by ADvancing States staff, only, or by a combination of ADvancing States staff and ADvancing States partners. 
To learn more about ADvancing States’s enhanced technical assistance contact Martha Roherty at mroherty@advancingstates.org or Camille Dobson at cdobson@advancingstates.org
Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Included in Assessment$25,000-$75,000More than $75,000
• Telephonic 
• One on-site visit 
• Presentation of off the-shelf materials
• One webinar to 
state’s network of 
• Short surveys and 
analysis of the 
• Facilitating a 
dialogue among 
state agencies
• In-person 
consultation and 
• Facilitating meetings
• Training—including 
development of an 
agenda and 
providing statespecific educational 
• Development of short
decision making 
memos that will walk
state officials 
through options and 
key decision points
• Development of 
metrics and tools
• Strategic planning for
state agencies 
including assisting in
the writing of the 
• Assisting with the 
reorganization of 
local agency 
• Assisting with the 
development of 
reorganization of 
state agencies