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Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) for Older Adults in Minnesota: Final Report

A modest evaluation of the experience in Minnesota was included as part of their Cash & Counseling grant and this is the final report describing that qualitative evaluation.This report explores consumer and family member response to CDCS, presenting the results from key informant interviews held in 2007.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/52161

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Early Implementation Experiences of State MFP Programs

This is the third report in a series, from Mathematica's five-year evaluation of the Money Follows Person demonstration, aimed at helping Medicaid enrollees transition, from long-term care institutions to the community. It describes states’ early implementation experiences and state transition activity as of December 2008. Also discussed, are the challenges that states have encountered in trying to launch the program, and implications for making fundamental changes in the long-term care system.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/52111

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Coverage for Caregivers: Lessons from Massachusetts Health Care Reform

Review the findings from a survey of eldercare and disability services employers. While most employers in the state offered employer-sponsored insurance, less than one-fifth of Massachusetts direct-care workers were enrolled in 2009. Based primarily on data from the survey, the main reason for the low number and recommendations are outlined in this report that deals with the impact of Massachusetts health reform on the eldercare and disability services sector.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/52108

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Using Data-Driven Strategies to Enhance Benefits Outreach, Enrollment, and Retention Activities

Making use of data and knowledge sharing to drive benefits outreach, enrollment, and retention efforts promotes the efficient use of limited resources, states a new issue brief from NCOA's National Center for Benefits Outreach & Enrollment. Sharing data also can help enroll eligible individuals in more than one benefits program at a time.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/52106

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Rebalancing Long-Term Care Systems: State Case Studies-Final Case Studies

As part of Research on Program Management Techniques by States to Rebalance their Long Term Care Systems, Final Case Studies were conducted in each State for the time period ending December 2007. These Case Studies focus particularly on the reflections of State government officials on rebalancing goals, accomplishments, and next steps as they reflect on all the State’s experiences in moving towards more community-based services.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/52097

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Work Incentives Network (WIN) Survey Results - Oregon

In April of 2009, WIN conducted this survey, which was sent to over a thousand of its participants. WIN is a free service designed to help people with disabilities understand and use employment programs in Oregon and/or federal work incentives programs. Because it's goal is to help disabled persons navigate the sometimes differing and sometimes conflicting eligibility criteria that discourage individuals from working, this survey is centered around consumer input.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/52079

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Healthcare for Workers with Disabilities: Supporting and Encouraging Employment

In an effort to understand the services and strategies that sustain employment, the state of Washington conducted an evaluation of Washington’s Healthcare for Workers with Disabilities Program. This program is the state’s version of Medicaid Buy-In, and the results show that enrollees are working more hours, earning more money, paying health insurance premiums, contributing more in taxes relying less on food stamps.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/52073


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