Rebalancing Long-Term Care Systems: State Case Studies-Final Case Studies

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As part of Research on Program Management Techniques by States to Rebalance their Long Term Care Systems, Final Case Studies were conducted in each State for the time period ending December 2007. These Case Studies focus particularly on the reflections of State government officials on rebalancing goals, accomplishments, and next steps as they reflect on all the State’s experiences in moving towards more community-based services.
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Kane, Rosalie A.; Milne, Dann; Mollica, Robert; Priester, Reinhard; Kane, Robert L.;
University of Minnesota
CNA Corporation; CNAC; Aging and Adult Services; MR/DD; HCBS; nursing home; Independent Choices program; Arkansas Cash and Counseling Demonstration; AOA-funded; Diversion Program;ARHome; SOURCE program; Options Counseling program; Money Follows the Person; MFP; CMS Direct Work Force Grant; Nursing Home Diversion Grant; Cashing Out Nursing Homes; Together We Can (TWC); Bridging the Gap project; ARGetCare; PACE program; AAA; HCBS; Nursing Facilities; NF; Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded; ICFs-MR; MR/DD; Senior Care; Continuing Care for the Elderly; CCE; APD; FAAST; The Florida Alliance for Assisted Services and Technology; Managed Care Organizations; MCOs; Quality and training initiatives;


Rosalie Kane

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