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Basically CDBG - Course Training Manual

This training manual guides Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) grantees in the implementation of local CDBG programs. This manual covers essential topics ranging from CDBG's national objectives to the details of administration. The manual includes 20 topical chapters that clearly delineate the application process, eligible grant activities, various CDBG programs and their standards, as well as performance measurement and reporting.

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A Profile of Older Americans: 2012

This annual summary uses information from the US Census Bureau, the National Center for Health Care Statistics, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics to display the demographic shift, as well as the health, geographic distribution and economic changes of those over 65 in the United States. This report found that 13.3 percent of the population is 65 and older, but this demographic is expected to grow to 21 percent by 2040. Changes from previous summaries are analyzed and projections are made.

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Medicaid: A Program of Last Resort for People Who Need Long-Term Services and Supports

This report examines the importance of Medicaid as a safety net for financing long-term services and supports (LTSS). Most older adults will require some form of LTSS, but paid LTSS can be very expensive. Unpaid, family caregiving has enormous economic value and currently accounts for the greatest portion of LTSS provision. However, if an individual needs paid LTSS, and can't afford LTSS insurance, Medicaid is often needed after an individual spends down their assets.

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Medicaid’s Role in Meeting the Long-Term Care Needs of America’s Seniors

This brief examines Medicaid's key role in meeting the long-term care needs of seniors in the United States, particularly those with limited incomes. Medicaid is the nation's primary payer of long-term services and supports, and state Medicaid programs provide a range of long-term care services. The brief includes state-by-state data on Medicaid enrollment and expenditures for elderly beneficiaries.

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Getting into Gear for 2014: Briefing, Survey Examine 2013 Data From 50-State Survey of Medicaid and CHIP Eligibility and Enrollment Policies

As 2014 approaches, many states are preparing for implementation of the major provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) law, including a new streamlined Medicaid enrollment system and, at states' option, the expansion of Medicaid. It has been found that nearly all states are pressing forward with information technology and process improvements to develop faster, streamlined Medicaid enrollment systems, whether or not the state elects to expand Medicaid coverage under the law.

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Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment for People With Disabilities Under the Affordable Care Act

This brief provides a short summary of Medicaid eligibility and benefits for people with disabilities today and explains how they will be affected by the ACA in light of CMS's new regulations. Provisions of the new Exchange regulations are discussed briefly to the extent that they related to Medicaid eligibility determinations for people with disabilities.

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Medicaid Eligibility, Enrollment Simplification, and Coordination under the Affordable Care Act

This brief provides a summary of the CMS’s March 23, 2012 final rule to implement the ACA provisions relating to Medicaid eligibility and enrollment coordination. The rule (effective Jan. 1, 2014) lays out procedures for states to implement expansion and streamline and integrate eligibility and enrollment system. Achieving this goal will require substantial process and system changes among state Medicaid agencies and close coordination between Medicaid and other insurance affordability programs.

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Pathways to Medicare-Medicaid Eligibility: A Literature Review

The purpose of this literature review is to better understand the various pathways to Medicare-Medicaid eligibility, how and why and individual becomes eligible for both programs. Also, this report presents examples of federal government- and state-sponsored programs and supports aimed at delaying or preventing a descent into functional decline and/or poverty. The ways to simplify the enrollment process for those who quality and need Medicare and Medicaid benefits are discussed as well.

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New Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees in Maryland: Demographic and Programmatic Characteristics

This study focuses on new Medicare-Medicaid enrollees in Maryland and the circumstances that shaped their initial eligibility for both programs. This report details the demographic and programmatic characteristics of new enrollees. Specifically, it serves as the vehicle for establishing an initial operational definition of new enrollees and developing the terminology needed to describe the circumstances surrounding initial Medicare-Medicaid eligibility.

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