At the Crossroads: Providing Long-Term Services and Supports at a Time of High Demand and Fiscal Constraint

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A survey of state aging, disability and Medicaid agencies was conducted in 2012, in order to better understand challenges and concerns for funding and providing quality LTSS. Five common themes were identified in this report, including staff turnover and reductions during a sluggish recovery of state budgets. Other findings include an overall expansion of home and community-based services, LTSS transformation and reduced funding and high demand for non-Medicaid aging and disability services.
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Scully, Diana; Cho, Eunhee (Grace); Hall, John Michael; Walter, Kelsey; Walls, Jenna; Fox-Grage, Wendy; Ujvari, Kathleen
Health Management Associates
fiscal constraint; state budget; state revenue; economic recovery; non-medicaid; affordable care act; state tax revenue; nursing facilities; SCSEP;


AARP Public Policy Institute

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