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Developing Individual Budgets and Reimbursement Levels Using the Supports Intensity Scale

This report describes recent progress in moving state developmental disability systems using HCBS 1915 (c) waivers toward greater efficiency and equity, in the context of pressing issues in the field. It is important to note that these initiatives could be equally well applied to other Medicaid waiver populations.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/51930

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Implementing Self-Direction Programs with Flexible Individual Budgets: Lessons Learned from the Cash & Counseling Replication States

Twelve states received Cash & Counseling Replication grants in October 2004. Here, the Replication States’ experiences in developing and implementing their new programs are documented in three stages: planning; design/development; and implementation/enrollment. The appendix includes summaries of the states' grant initiatives.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/51903

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The Role of Section 1115 Waivers in Medicaid and CHIP: Looking Back and Looking Forward

For many years, Section 1115 waivers have been used in the Medicaid program and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, to provide states an avenue to test and implement coverage approaches that do not meet federal program rules. While these waivers have facilitated important program evolutions over time, some have also raised issues. This brief reviews the experience of Section 1115 Medicaid and CHIP waivers and discusses issues for the Obama administration to consider for the future.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/51898

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IndependentChoices Final Report: December 1998 – March 2008

Learn from 10 years of experience in administering the consumer-directed Cash & Counseling program in Arkansas. The report provides a candid history of the development, implementation, and lessons learned from the program. The author gives details on partnership development and use, changes in agency culture and operations, and data on outcomes, cost neutrality, and participant demographics. Also included are the 2003 and 2008 program budgets.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/51881

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2009 CMS Money Follows the Person Conference Materials

March 2-4, 2009 state program staff, CMS staff, and technical assistance providers met in Baltimore to discuss Money Follows the Person and other strategies for helping people move out of nursing homes. Speakers presented on topics ranging from service integration, housing finance strategies, mentoring, quality, and many others.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/51879

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Senate Committee on Aging Hearing on Health Care Reform in an Aging America

Program administrators, advocates, and researchers advise the Senate on ways to improve wellbeing and cost outcomes of long-term care by increasing access to HCBS. They speak on national demographics, successful HCBS programs of the past and present, state programs in Wisconsin and Florida, integrating acute and long-term care for dual eligibles, and program finance models. See “Video Contents Index” for time stamps and information on each testimony.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/51877

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State-by-State 1915(c) Home and Community-Based Services Waiver Data

An interactive map displays how many 1915(c) waivers each state has. Clicking on a state’s name displays number of participant and expenditures by waiver type as compared to nationwide numbers. Participant and expenditure data are also available for personal care, home health, and individualized budget services. Clicking “Compare” in any data area displays a table illustrating selected data for all states. Information is taken from CMS form 372 and is downloadable.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/51843

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Medicaid Coverage of Peer Support for People with Mental Illness: Available Research and State Examples

This report summarizes available research to date regarding the effectiveness of peer support and presents State examples of peer support within three different Medicaid authorities (State Plan, 1915(b), and 1915(c)). State Medicaid Agencies and their partner mental health agencies can find guidance here for efforts to incorporate peer support into Medicaid programs.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/51817


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