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Medicaid Home and Community-Based Service Programs: Data Update

PAS Center offers state-by-state participant and expenditure data for all of Medicaid and the three main HCBS programs: 1915(c) waivers, home health, and state plan personal care. The December 2008 update provides 2005 data complemented by survey results related to program policies and provider reimbursement rates.

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HCBS Quality Requirements Grid: A Technical Assistance Tool

In an effort to address integration across CMS Home and Community-based Services Programs, CMS worked with its National Quality Contractor to develop an this matrix. The Grid highlights specific quality requirements across HCBS program authorities that include program standards, measures, accountability, and sources of financing for quality activities. The tool is expected to be a helpful resource for planning purposes and for providing technical assistance to states and researchers.

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The Case for Inclusion 2008: An Analysis of Medicaid for Americans with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

States are ranked in this report based on the outcomes of Medicaid services provided to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The key outcomes measured are the promotion of independence and meaningful employment, tracking quality and safety, keeping families together, and reaching those in need. Each state’s progress is measured by comparing data from the previous year. This report is issued annually with past editions available on the included website.

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State Strategies for Determining Eligibility and Level of Care for ICF/MR and Waiver Program Participants

This report presents the results of a survey of state developmental disabilities agency officials regarding the determination of initial eligibility/level of care and the “annual level of care” for services furnished under Medicaid waiver and ICF/MR programs. Forty-seven (92%) states provided information on state waiver eligibility criteria and practices. The report describes state level of care assessment approaches and provides legislative cites and contact information for state staff.

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The Aging Services Network: Accomplishments and Challenges in Serving a Growing Elderly Population

This issue brief and background paper outline the ongoing history, services, and expenditures associated with the Older Americans Act (OAA). The report also summarizes services that are funded through the OAA and other federal and state funds and are provided by the state and local agencies that comprise the Aging Services Network. Finally, key challenges to meeting the needs of the changing population are identified, especially with regards to service improvement and funding.

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Does Mental Illness Affect Consumer Direction of Community-Based Care? Lessons From the Arkansas Cash and Counseling Program - Research Abstract

The authors examined whether consumer direction is effective for elderly people with mental illness. The treatment group, those that participated in Cash and Counseling, fared better than elderly people that have a mental illness but did not participate in C&C. They also fared as well as elderly people without mental illness that were in the program. Variables studied included measures of consumer satisfaction as well as objective measures such as health, among others.

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Assistive Technology in Medicaid Home- and Community-Based Waiver Programs

The authors identified trends regarding the use of 1915(c) waivers to buy assistive technology (AT). They examined participation and expenditures as well as differences in provision between elderly people and individuals with developmental disabilities. Results showed that the use of waivers to fund AT is growing, but more slowly than the overall waiver program. Also, there are significant differences in provision between people with disabilities and older adults as well as between states.

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Discussion Brief: Independent Living Centers: Experienced Local Partners for Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services

Centers for Independent Living (CILs) have been providing important services to individuals with disabilities since the 1970s. State Medicaid programs have contracted with CILs to provide Medicaid-funded services. This paper examines four important home and community-based services (HCBS) provided by CILs and funded by Medicaid: case management/support coordination; personal assistance services; nursing facility transition services; and equipment and home modification.

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Adult Foster Care: A Resource for Older Adults

State leaders are interested in the experience of states that developed adult foster care as part of their service array, trends in provider supply, regulations governing providers, and quality oversight practices. This report is based on the policies and practices in five states – Arizona, Maine, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin. The states were selected based on their approach to licensing and Medicaid coverage for this residential option. The report focuses on programs for older adults.

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