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Expanding Housing and Supports for Oregonians: A Summary of the 2004 Real Choice Systems Change Grant, “Integrating Long-Term Supports with Affordable Housing”

The goal of the 2004 Real Choice Systems Change grant is to address the issues and barriers preventing consumers of mental health services from receiving flexible supports in the community housing of their choice. This report identifies the grant outcomes, activities and evaluation including the degree to which supported housing is embraced and practiced by providers on a larger scale and how housing providers know how to work collaboratively.

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Application Materials For Test Sites That Integrate Supports With Affordable Housing

As part of the 2004 Integrating Long-Term Supports with Affordable Housing Grant, Oregon developed this application for five initial test sites. The goal for test site participation is for providers to know where their program stands in terms of providing supportive housing services and to develop future capacity for supported housing programs. Use the application as a template and to review the criteria necessary to select an agency.

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2007 CMS New Freedom Initiative Conference: Access to Community Living: Promoting Independence and Choice

The 7th CMS New Freedom Initiative Conference was held March 5-7 in Baltimore. Presentations are available in both PDF and text formats. “Choice and Independence” is a key pillar of CMS’ vision for a person-centered long term services and supports system for the future. The 2007 conference focused on the policies, programs, and tools -including opportunities authorized by the Deficit Reduction Act– available to shape and carry out the vision.

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Real Choice Systems Change Grants: Compendium Sixth Edition

The Compendium contains basic information about each of the Real Choice Systems Change Grant awards in FY03–FY04 plus the Family to Family and Systems Transformation Grantees awarded in FY05 and FY06. The Compendium will help Grantees identify others with similar goals and activities. Learn more about how the grants will be used to allow more people of all ages with a disability or long term illness to live and participate in their communities. The sixth edition replaces all previous editions.

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Coordinating and Leveraging Long-Term Supports with Affordable and Accessible Housing for Persons with Disability: Maryland Case Study

This case study describes an approach to public and private sector agencies coordinating and leveraging resources at a state and local level to expand affordable and accessible housing options for persons with developmental disabilities. Homes for America utilized low-income housing tax credits to set aside six units of housing in an affordable multifamily development to be converted to ownership at the end of a fifteen-year lease period for Medicaid beneficiaries.

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Coordinating and Leveraging Long-Term Supports with Licensed Affordable Assisted Living: Arkansas Case Study

This case study describes how a private sector entity, NCB Development Corporation, helped to coordinate and galvanize the existing efforts of essential partners to develop, plan, and finance a new assisted living facility, and coordinate appropriate funding sources for operational and client service expenditures. The Gardens at Osage Terrace was developed under the Coming Home Program, a demonstration program of NCB Development Corporation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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Coordinating and Leveraging Long-Term Supports with Affordable Assisted Living in Public Housing: Florida Case Study

This case study describes the development and operations of assisted living units coordinated with independent senior units in a public housing location: Titusville Towers in Titusville, Florida. Because this example uses an existing facility, replication of this case study demonstrates that time and cost will be substantially less than new construction of an assisted living facility. The Titusville Housing Authority received approval from HUD to designate it as seniors-only housing.

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Coordinating and Leveraging Long-Term Supports to Live More Independently with Assistive Technology and Home Modifications: Nebraska Case Study

This case study describes the leveraging and coordinating of multiple funding resources to provide increased access to home modifications and assistive technology in response to an assessment of individualized need. The Nebraska Assistive Technology Project serves as a single provider to conduct program eligibility for all funders, and provide assessment, determine need, and develop a service plan for consumers.

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A House in Order: A Planning Guide

This is a planning document developed by the Ozaukee County Aging Services Department that helps individuals gather thoughts and discuss them with their family by asking, What Do You Want? This document, subtitled “Your Personal Guide for Planning a Happy Healthy & Independent Long Life” helps individuals take an inventory of the values and preferences. The guide recommends recording what you want and reviewing the list periodically with those closest so they can carry out the plans.

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