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Transforming Housing for People with Psychiatric Disabilities

The problems of board and care homes, also known as adult homes, for people with psychiatric disabilities are the focus of a new SAMHSA report. The history, demographics and common concerns of these homes are detailed in-depth plus ten recommendations to improve quality of life. A list of measures being implemented to improve the lives of residents and recommendations calling for a recovery-oriented approach based on the principles of self-direction and community integration are also provided.

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Growing Wealth, Inequality, and Housing in the United States

While aggregate household net wealth grew from $25.9 trillion in 1995 to $50.1 trillion in 2004 (both in 2004 dollars), nearly 90 percent of the net gains occurred only among the top quartile of households in the wealth distribution. This paper discusses both household wealth and inequality growth, examines demographic factors behind the growth, and analyzes housing’s role in it, using the Survey of Consumer Finances data collected by the Federal Reserve Bank.

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Aging and Disability Policy Summit: High Priority Worksheet

This document is from the Aging and Disability Policy Summit. It notes the priority areas regarding aging and disability policy. They are: housing, transportation, health care, employment, education, and community participation. This worksheet provides a valuable framework for defining issues, activities and goals needed to enact change.

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Illinois 2004 Systems Change Seminar

The following information was presented at the Illinois 2004 Systems Change Seminar. Topics presented included: trends in long-term care, progress on the Illinois Community-based Treatment Alternatives for Children (CTAC) grants, the Illinois Housing Development Authority and how its work pertains to persons with disabilities, and Michigan’s progress on its Real Choice Systems Change grants.

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Homecare in Illinois: A Continuing Crisis

This brief recognizes the issues that face home care workers – including low wages, difficult work, and few, if any, benefits. At the same time, demands for home health care are increasing. This document, written on behalf of the Service Employees International Union, advocates on behalf of home health workers to raise wages in order to encourage participation in a workforce that assists Illinois vulnerable populations.

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Illinois Homeownership Coalitiion for People with Disabilities Homebuyers\' Educational Manual

This manual provides guidance for people with disabilities who are interested in owning their homes. Topics covered include: financing homeownership, understanding credit and budgets, Fair Housing Laws, finding a home, home inspections, buying and closing on a house, and home maintenance and assistance.

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Homeownership for People with Disabilities Forms

The Illinois Homeownership Coalition for People with Disability (HCPD) has a comprehensive set of documents pertaining to its advocacy and assistance for homeownership. The organization’s goal is to assist people with disability in purchasing their homes, allowing them to maintain independence and living in their communities. Review the application, brochure and checklist.

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Community Service Options, Inc. Website

Community Service Options, Inc (CSO) is an organization dedicated to assisting persons with developmental disability to receive service and live in the “least restrictive” setting. CSO provides screening, eligibility assessment, service coordination, and advocacy throughout the Chicago area. The website provides links to their services and assessment tools.

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Questions and Answers about CSO\'s Housing Initiative

Community Service Options, Inc. (CSO), has put together this Question and Answer document regarding its housing initiative. This worksheet discusses independent living and “least restrictive” options for disabled and elderly persons, while including information about the limitations in eligibility for such housing. Finally, CSO discusses advocacy methods for increasing the availability of independent living options.

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