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Affordable Clustered Housing-Care: A Viable Alternative for Long-Term Care in a Residential Setting?

For people who have disabilities and consequent difficulty living independently, living in the community requires not only medical and support services, but also housing. This paper explores one approach to merging the worlds of housing and long-term care clustered housing-care. Clustered housing-care arrangements make it possible for individuals to age in place in secure, comfortable, residential-like settings. The paper defines, discusses the impact and questions the futures of this concept.

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Assessing the Barriers to Community Living: Accessible Housing in a Rural State

This statewide community-based participatory action research study was conducted to identify opportunities and barriers for persons with disabilities in obtaining accessible, affordable housing in West Virginia. Using surveys and a facilitated group technique, persons with disabilities identified existing barriers and developed a set of questions for housing industry professionals. This article was published in \"Housing and Society\" the journal of the Housing Education and Research Association.

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From Here to There...The Self-Advocacy Handbook

This unique and innovative handbook is a guide for educators, providers, support people and/or family members to use as they work closely with youth and adults with significant disabilities, mentoring them as they develop and practice self-advocacy skills that will promote the highest level of independence and success in life activities.

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Housing Teleconference - June 2007: Think Tank Call of Integrated Long-term Care Coordinated with Supportive Housing Grantees

For over a decade, Pennsylvania's Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) has been developing products and supports that address the needs of people with disabilities of all ages. Listen as they discuss rental housing initiatives, developments in tenant-based rental assistance, and home ownership. Representatives discussed cutting edge approaches and unique responses to the challenges of working to build inclusive communities, while steadily improving the state level partnerships and leveraging resources.

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Promising Practices in HCBS: South Carolina - Home Modifications Specialist

South Carolina hired an environmental modifications specialist to improve the quality of home modifications funded by its Medicaid HCBS waivers. The specialist trains case managers to develop specifications for ramps, and develops specifications for other home modifications so contractors can quickly make an informed bid. South Carolina also leveraged a state-funded home modification program to expand the types of modifications available in its waivers.

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Housing Within Reach

Housing Within Reach is a project of the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities. The project included a consumer driven longitudinal evaluation study across the state to document consumer perspectives on consumer housing preferences, and the availability, access and barriers to appropriate housing. The study included face-to-face interviews conducted with each study participant at baseline, and at six- and twelve-months.

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Real Choice System Change Grant Program: Fifth Year Report - Progress and Challenges of the FY 2004 Grantees (October 1, 2005 – September 30, 2006)

This report describes grant activities (accomplishments and progress) in three major LTC systems areas: Access to LTC Services and Supports, Services, Supports, and Housing, Administrative and Monitoring Infrastructure. The report also provides illustrative examples of the challenges Grantees have faced as they implement grant activities, and consumers’ roles in the implementation and evaluation of these activities.

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Arkansas Needs and Resource Analysis: Housing with Services

The purpose of this analysis is to assess the relative need for affordable housing with supportive services in Arkansas and to compare this need with the available resources for low-income senior and disabled populations. To conduct this analysis, data was gathered from both direct sources and statistical surveys. The data was analyzed to identify the gaps between needs and resources, as well as other patterns.

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Expanding Housing and Supports for Oregonians: A Summary of the 2004 Real Choice Systems Change Grant, “Integrating Long-Term Supports with Affordable Housing”

The goal of the 2004 Real Choice Systems Change grant is to address the issues and barriers preventing consumers of mental health services from receiving flexible supports in the community housing of their choice. This report identifies the grant outcomes, activities and evaluation including the degree to which supported housing is embraced and practiced by providers on a larger scale and how housing providers know how to work collaboratively.

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Application Materials For Test Sites That Integrate Supports With Affordable Housing

As part of the 2004 Integrating Long-Term Supports with Affordable Housing Grant, Oregon developed this application for five initial test sites. The goal for test site participation is for providers to know where their program stands in terms of providing supportive housing services and to develop future capacity for supported housing programs. Use the application as a template and to review the criteria necessary to select an agency.

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