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Funding Sources Successfully Used by States to Support Development of Integrated, Affordable, and Accessible Community Housing

This guide offers a quick reference on housing resources that can be used to create integrated, affordable, and accessible housing and basic information on how to use these resources. Including community strategies that increase the amount of integrated, affordable, and accessible housing units that usually fall into three general categories: development of housing units; access to existing housing units; and asset development.

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A Blueprint for Action: Developing Livable Communities for All Ages

Each day, decisions affecting residents’ ability to age successfully in their communities are made by housing officials, transportation planners, planning and zoning specialists, parks and recreation officials, and economic development leaders. This guide provides local leaders with tools to build collaborations, a quick-reference kit for practitioners looking for tools, resources, best practices and it also includes a topic-specific list of studies, articles, and leading organizations.

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Funding and Service Recommendations for Transitioning Older Adults: An Examination of Illinois’ Money Management Participants

This report from the Illinois RCSC Rebalancing Grant, quantifies the actual expenses faced by older residents living in the community and applies it to those living in a nursing home seeking reintegration to community living. Furthermore, it hopes to identify a floor of income required to sustain community residency. The analysis should be helpful in formulating system changes for programs including eligibility standards and policies.

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Service Documentation Workshop

Developed through Oregon's 2004 Real Choice Grant, Integrating Long-Term Supports with Affordable Housing, this presentation is part of an interactive workshop with mental health staff to address issues and barriers surrounding the documentation of service delivery in community and in-home settings. The workshop covers how services are reimbursed through Medicaid, delineates the requirements that must be met for service documentation, and also allows time for group participation and practice.

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State Policy in Practice: A Medicaid Primer for Housing Officials

The most striking characteristic of housing and health care in this country is the disconnection between the two. Access to affordable, accessible housing is critical to the success of the Money Follows the Person Demonstration Program, which will provide opportunities for thousands of Medicaid beneficiaries living in institutions to relocate to the community. Presented in a concise question and answer format, this document explains many of the features of what can be a complicated program.

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The President\'s New Freedom Initiative: The 2007 Progress Report

The goal of NFI is to remove barriers to full integration for Americans with disabilities. This report highlights the activities in several areas: increasing access through technology, expanding educational opportunities for youth with disabilities, integrating individuals with disabilities into the workforce, and promoting full access to community life. The report describes initiatives, regulations, grant programs and other efforts to improve integration for youth and adults with disabilities.

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Medication Assistance Best Practices: Housing Think Tank Call

The majority of people who are elderly and/or people with disabilities live out their lives in independent housing. Many utilize medications to maintain optimal health and improve their quality of life. Unfortunately, adverse medication events cost about $120 billion annually and result in illness, hospitalizations, stress on the individuals and their families, and premature deaths. Vermont is attempting to do something about this problem through their CMS Real Choices Supportive Housing Grant.

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Affordable Clustered Housing-Care: A Viable Alternative for Long-Term Care in a Residential Setting?

For people who have disabilities and consequent difficulty living independently, living in the community requires not only medical and support services, but also housing. This paper explores one approach to merging the worlds of housing and long-term care clustered housing-care. Clustered housing-care arrangements make it possible for individuals to age in place in secure, comfortable, residential-like settings. The paper defines, discusses the impact and questions the futures of this concept.

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Assessing the Barriers to Community Living: Accessible Housing in a Rural State

This statewide community-based participatory action research study was conducted to identify opportunities and barriers for persons with disabilities in obtaining accessible, affordable housing in West Virginia. Using surveys and a facilitated group technique, persons with disabilities identified existing barriers and developed a set of questions for housing industry professionals. This article was published in \"Housing and Society\" the journal of the Housing Education and Research Association.

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