Opioid misuse

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Multimodal Pain Management: Considerations for Clinicians Treating Pain

Dual eligibles for Medicare and Medicaid have higher levels of chronic pain and use prescription opioids to treat pain more often than those eligible for Medicare only, putting them at a higher risk for opioid misuse or addiction. This brief presents examples of multimodal pain management options that clinicians can consider for treating pain among dually eligible individuals. The resource describes various treatment options, key evidence, and prescribing considerations for each option.

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Summary of Responses from a Request for Information: People with Disabilities and Opioid Use Disorder

In early 2018, NIDILRR issued a request for information about people with disabilities and opioid use disorder. NIDILRR received comments from 50 respondents, including consumers, community and national organizations, research teams, and federal partners. Overall, the responses to this RFI revealed a need to further explore the intersection of chronic pain, opioid misuse, and people with disabilities.

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