Electronic Visit Verification

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CMCS Informational Bulletin: Additional EVV Guidance

CMS released a bulletin addressing frequently asked questions regarding Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) requirements to beneficiaries receiving in-home care. This bulletin responds to questions surrounding beneficiaries with live-in caregivers, services delivered partially in the beneficiary's home, the provision of medical supplies, equipment, and appliances as a component of the Medicaid home health benefit, and the use of web-based timesheets as an EVV method.

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Electronic Visit Verification: A Blueprint for Self-Direction

This brief outlines successful EVV implementation in self-direction. Successful implementation is defined as one that protects and upholds the participant's choice and control over their services and supports while strengthening program integrity. The brief describes the functionality required to support self-direction, including flexible scheduling, protocols for EVV system use in areas without internet access, and workflows that support participant control of workers' hours.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/70895

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