Older Americans Act (OAA)

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Public Policy and Aging Report: Aging Services Network

Four articles provide an update of where the Older Americans Act (OAA) and the Aging Network stand in the face of demographic, economic, and health care issues. The first two cover the history of the legislative and budgetary developments of the network and report on a national survey of Area Agencies on Aging. The third summarizes political vagaries that network agencies encounter. The last advocates that civic engagement efforts must expand to cover disadvantaged and vulnerable older adults.

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Arkansas State Plan on Aging 2008-2011

The Older Americans Act (OAA) requires states to submit a Plan on Aging every 1-4 years focused on reforming long-term care to help keep older people independent. Arkansas presents information on their organization, programs, goals, funding, and people served. Their plan covers areas including Cash & Counseling, Money Follows the Person, transportation planning, disaster preparedness, and others.

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The Role of the Older Americans Act in Providing Long-Term Care

The Older Americans Act (OAA) gave rise to important HCBS programs such as the Choices for Independence initiative, ADRCs, and Nursing Home Diversion grants. Here is a concise summary of the legislation, its reauthorization in 2006, and data on the types of support provided under these programs, recipients, and expenditures.

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The Aging Services Network: Accomplishments and Challenges in Serving a Growing Elderly Population

This issue brief and background paper outline the ongoing history, services, and expenditures associated with the Older Americans Act (OAA). The report also summarizes services that are funded through the OAA and other federal and state funds and are provided by the state and local agencies that comprise the Aging Services Network. Finally, key challenges to meeting the needs of the changing population are identified, especially with regards to service improvement and funding.

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The Administration on Aging’s Nursing Home Diversion Program

This document provides background information on the AoA’s involvement in HCBS delivery and briefly describes three of the twelve Nursing Home Diversion demonstration projects it is funding. In 2007, the AoA invited states to submit proposals to modernize both the service and system elements of their diversion efforts. This program was created in response to an Older Americans Act mandate that AoA help expand access to HCBS long-term care options.

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Nursing Home Diversion Modernization Grants

AoA announced the availability of $5 million for these grants which provide an opportunity for States to modernize their existing efforts by adding flexible service options to help individuals who are not eligible for Medicaid to avoid nursing home placement and spend down to Medicaid, and to remain in their homes and communities. The applicant teleconference is scheduled for July 11 at 3pm. Submission of letter of intent is for July 20, 2007 and the deadline is August 24, 2007.

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Centers for Independent Livings (CIL) Pathfinder for Services and Programs for Older Americans

This resource guide was developed to help CILs: 1. understand specific needs and problems that are unique to older persons as they age, 2. understand the network of aging organizations including their organizational structure and funding sources, 3. help identify ways to network with these established “aging” agencies and 4. locate and tap into some of the monies that are available for “senior” programs. The guide has 13 sections covering topics from assistive technology to collaboration ideas.

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Creating More Balanced Long Term Care Systems

Case Studies on the Role of the National Aging Services Network-- These case studies highlight 14 state or community programs whose innovations have strengthened local options for older Americans. The sites were selected with valuable input from a Technical Advisory Group, the Administration on Aging, and feedback from the states themselves. This report is one of 5 in a series called Case Studies from the Aging Network: Health and Social Support Systems Integration.

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Assessment and Implementation Guide for Older Americans Act: Information & Referral/Assistance

This is the Administration on Aging's National Aging Information and Referral/Assistance Support Center guide. This guide assists State and Area Agencies on Aging and local providers in matching I&R/A services with established AIRS Standards.

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