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As Tough Times Wane, States Act to Improve Medicaid Coverage and Quality: Results from a 50-State Medicaid Budget Survey for State Fiscal Years 2007 and 2008

The annual 50-state survey of state officials on Medicaid and state budget actions reports enrollment in Medicaid declined. This decline was driven primarily by two factors. States reported new citizenship documentation requirements were causing delays in processing applications, affecting individuals already eligible for the program. State officials also cited good economy and lower unemployment for reducing enrollment. 42 states expect to expand coverage to the uninsured in the next year.

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Oklahoma Partnership Manual Handouts

The fundamental structure to both of Oklahoma's Real Choice System Change grants is an infrastructure that supports a service delivery system that is accountable to Oklahoma long-term care stakeholders. Grant monies will be used to create and support an Oklahoma Partnerships consisting of consumers and advocates. This handout offers an introduction to the system and terms used in the grant partnership.

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Photo Essay of Oklahoma\'s Consumer-Directed Personal Assistant Supports and Services

This photo essay captures the people behind the design of Oklahoma's Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Supports and Services (CDPASS) design. The Oklahoma Partnership, organized to support Oklahoma's Real Choice System Change and the CDPASS grants. It was also designed to engage Consumer stakeholders in an interactive environment.

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Effective Public Policy Through Shared Vision, Shared Knowledge, and Full Participation of All Stakeholders

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services Aging Service Division presents this documentation of the principles and processes used in supporting its consumer advisory committee for Real Choice System Change grant and CDPASS grant activities. Building and documenting a shared vision of effective public policy funded by public dollars is a fundamental responsibility of grant recipients. This paper helps explain the stakeholder experience and considers ways to create a quality process.

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Medicaid HCBS Waiver Expenditures FY 2001 through FY 2006

This memorandum and tables present data on Medicaid 1915(c) Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waiver expenditures from Federal Fiscal Years 2001 through 2006. Each HCBS waiver is classified by population served in order to show the distribution of HCBS waiver expenditures across long term care populations. This year's memo also identifies which waivers exclusively serve children.

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Medicaid Long Term Care Expenditures FY 2006

This memorandum presents data on Medicaid long-term care expenditures in Federal Fiscal Year 2006 (Oct 2005-Sept 2006). Table 1 presents national data on Medicaid expenditures for Long-Term Care from 1994-2006. Other tables present state-by-state data for Nursing Homes, ICF/MR, Personal Care, HCBS Waivers, Home Health, Home Care, Inpatient Hospital Care, Inpatient DSH, Inpatient Mental Health, Mental Health DSH, Medicaid Managed-Care, Prescribed Drugs, Targeted Case Management and PACE.

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Real Choice System Change Grant Program: Fifth Year Report - Progress and Challenges of the FY 2004 Grantees (October 1, 2005 – September 30, 2006)

This report describes grant activities (accomplishments and progress) in three major LTC systems areas: Access to LTC Services and Supports, Services, Supports, and Housing, Administrative and Monitoring Infrastructure. The report also provides illustrative examples of the challenges Grantees have faced as they implement grant activities, and consumers’ roles in the implementation and evaluation of these activities.

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Medicaid: A Primer

Need an overview of the basic components of the nation’s largest health coverage program? Medicaid covers 55 million low-income individuals and is the dominant source of long-term care financing. Examine the structure of the program, who it covers, what services it provides, and spending. Because Medicaid is jointly financed by the federal and state governments programs vary across states. Tables examining the state-to-state variation in eligibility, enrollment, and spending are included.

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Gauging The Use Of HCBS Support Waivers For People With Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities: Profiles Of State Supports Waivers

This project was funded to a) gather descriptive information on HCBS waivers, both comprehensive and supports, operated for people with I&DD in 17 states with the supports waivers b) determine how supports waivers have emerged as separate and distinct HCBS waivers c) better understand the range of participant characteristics and experiences that distinguish supports waivers from other HCBS waivers d) more fully appreciate how states view supports waivers as a way to address demand for HCBS.

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Real Choice Systems Change Grant Program - FY 2001 Community-Integrated Personal Assistance Services and Supports Grantees and Real Choice Grantees: Final Report

This report provides an overview of 35 states’ initiatives to improve their LTC systems and includes lessons learned and recommendations that can guide states undertaking similar initiatives. Despite accomplishments and improvements, Grantees described continuing barriers including insufficient funding for home and community services; workforce shortages; lack of affordable and accessible housing and transportation; and outdated or inflexible administrative, statutory, and regulatory provisions.

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