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AD Waiver Monitoring Nurse Tools and Database - West Virginia

The WV QA/QI grant designed and developed database as a monitoring tool. This entry includes 5 provider quality monitoring tools: Case Management, Client Home Visit, Homemaker, Personnel Files, Site (Case Management or Homemaker). The database was created by Donna Brewer, Database Administration at the Center for Excellence in Disabilities at WV University for the Quality Assurance & Improvement Project. The Bureau for Medical Services is the lead agency & the grant was funded by WV CMS

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Real Choice Grants and West Virginia Olmstead Plan

This document describes the releationship between WV Real Choice Grants and the Olmstead Plan. The document contains a table showing all grants awarded to the state. The table illustrates the activities of the Real Choice Systems Change for Community Living grants and shows how the programs are closely aligned with the West Virginia Olmstead Plan. This strong relationship is the result of collaboration between the Olmstead Coordinator and other state partners and stakeholders involved.

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Special Cross Tabulation of Disability and Housing Data: West Virginia

This summary is of housing data for all civilian non-institutionalized people with a disability as well as the housing data for people without a disability, based 2000 Census data. Comparisons between households of people with a disability and without a disability will be made on areas such as: poverty level, number of people in household, tenure, utilities and vehicle ownership, mobile home ownership, number of bedrooms, home value, monthly owner costs and gross rent.

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Across the States: Profiles of Long-Term Care 2004

The sixth biennial edition of the AARP Public Policy Institute's databook, presents an overview of long-term care in each state plus the District of Columbia by using numbers, graphs, charts, and maps. Data includes each state's demographics, need for LTC and HCBS services, the number of LTC workers per thousand people aged 65 and over, urban average for private-pay home health aide wages, and CNA hours per resident day. Each state is compared with others through rankings and national averages.

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Survey of Nurse Aide Registries (Direct Care Worker) in the United States

The survey results highlight inconsistencies and gaps in training, testing, and other pre-employment requirements for nursing assistants. The results from the nurse aide registries are presented in a series of charts. The survey notes who pays for pre-certification training in each state, whether candidates are allowed to become certified by passing the test without undergoing training, whether nurse aides pay a fee to be licensed or certified, who does criminal background checks, and more.

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Real Choice Systems Change Grants: Compendium Fourth Edition

The Compendium contains basic information about each of the Real Choice Systems Change Grantees. The Compendium will help you learn more about how these grants will be used to allow more people of all ages with a disability or long term illness to live and participate in their communities. Real Choice Systems Change Grantees will also find the Compendium useful to identify other Grantees with similar goals and activities. The fourth edition of the Compendium replaces all previous editions.

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The State of the States in Family Caregiver Support: A 50-State Study

This report focuses attention on a growing issue facing the nation: how to support & sustain those who are the cornerstone of our LTC system—the dedicated families & informal caregivers. This national study is the first to examine publicly funded caregiver support programs throughout all 50 states. The report identifies key findings, describes state approaches to providing caregiver support services, offers state-by-state profiles, pinpoints challenges, & expands recognition of caregiver needs.

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Fall 2004 National MIG Conference - National Consortium for Health Systems Development

NCHSD held its 4th Annual National Fall Technical Assistance Conference for Medicaid Infrastructure Grantees. This year’s meeting featured pre-conference regional gatherings, a day-long session on building public-private partnerships with employers, updates from our CMS partners, and a series of state expert panel presentations. Attached are the Fall 2004 Conference Edition eNews with highlights and promising practices plus the conference materials and presentations from every session.

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Measuring the Years: State Aging Trends & Indicators

To assist states in preparing for the challenges and opportunities they will face as baby-boomers age, the National Governors Association's Center for Best Practice's (NGA Center) published this report designed to identify current trends and future directions, and to assist state policymakers in creating programs and policies that respond to need. This data book provides information on demographic shifts, health care concerns, & long term care workforce shortages.

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