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AAAs and CBOs Address Social Needs Through Contracts with Health Care

The Aging and Disability Business Institute has published two infographics exploring how Area Agencies on Aging and other community-based organizations address the social determinants of health of older adults and people with disabilities in their communities through contracts with health care entities. The infographics identify key partners and services in these contracts, as well as where this contracting activity is occurring around the country.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/74058

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Advancing Partnerships: Contracting Between Community-Based Organizations and Health Care Entities

Scripps Gerontology Center and the Aging and Disability Business Institute have released a report detailing findings from the 2021 CBO-Health Care Contracting Request for Information (RFI) Survey. The report identifies key findings, contracting patterns and trends from the analysis of all four RFI surveys. The data provides insight on the proportion of CBOs contracting with health care entities and the status of the CBO-health care contracting market.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/73688

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Call for Input: CBO–Health Care Contracting Survey

This survey is intended to collect data on the experiences of aging and disability community-based organizations (CBOs) contracting with health care entities. This data will help the Business Institute develop resources to support CBOs at all stages of the health care contracting journey, as well as inform policymakers and health care professionals on the growing capacity of aging and disability CBOs.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/72915

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Working Together Toward Better Health Outcomes

The Partnership for Healthy Outcomes, a project of the Center for Health Care Strategies, Nonprofit Finance Fund, and the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, has published a report that captures and analyzes lessons from health care organizations and community-based organizations (CBOs) that are partnering to address both the clinical and the social determinants of health. This report is based on a survey of more than 200 health care related partnerships.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/69594

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