Disability inclusion

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Closing DD Awareness Month and Introducing ACL’s New Commissioner on Disabilities

In this blog post, Jill Jacobs, Commissioner on Disabilities at ACL, reflects on Developmental Disabilites (DD) Awareness month by highlighting recent innovations in ACL's DD programs, and the Administration on Disabilities (AOD) goals for the year ahead. AOD's upcoming priorities include continuing to address the DSP workforce crisis, investing in projects to advance equity and reach people with disabilities at the intersections of identity, and continuing to support individuals with both DD and mental health diagnoses. The blog post also shares experiences with disability that the new Commissioner brings to her role.

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Getting To Equal: The Disability Inclusion Advantage

This report examines data from the Disability Equality Index and identifies forty-five companies with strong leadership in areas specific to disability employment and inclusion. Accenture analyzed their financial performance and found that, on average over the four-year period, these companies had twenty-eight percent higher revenue, double the net income, and thirty percent higher economic profit margins than their peers.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/70876

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