Disaster planning

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Global Disability Justice In Climate Disasters: Mobilizing People With Disabilities As Change Agent

This article presents case studies from different global regions to illustrate how disabilities are often overlooked in responding to climate-related health impacts and disaster planning. Health Affairs draws particular attention to mutual aid networks led by people with disabilities in adapting to climate-related health impacts and makes suggestions policy makers and practitioners can use to integrate disability justice into their work.

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White paper: Disaster planning for human services agencies

Disasters come in many forms, from hurricanes and wildfires to pandemics and cyber attacks. Some of the hardest-hit victims are often older adults, individuals with disabilites, and unsheltered clients. WellSky is offering a free white paper to inform disaster preparedness plans. The paper provides step-by-step guidance to implement the five phases of preparedness, locate federal and state resources available to you, and continue service provision during and after an emergency.

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New Interactive Maps Help Inform Disability-Inclusive Disaster Planning

People with disabilities are especially vulnerable to the impacts of disasters. To help policymakers understand the need to include people with disabilities in emergency disaster plans, Mathematica researchers created interactive disability natural disaster maps that show how many people with disabilities are living in areas at higher risk of natural disasters.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/74155

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