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Person-Centered Care Domains of Practice General Home and Community Based Services Attributes and Assisted Living Indicators

Person-centered outcomes underpin all aspects of desired assisted living practices and care. Service planning and operational process focused on person-centeredness is able to deliver core promises of assisted living that maximize privacy, autonomy, and choice; fostering meaningful life, engagement, quality of care, and meaningful access to the surrounding community.

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Valuing the Invaluable: 2011 Update - The Growing Contributions and Costs of Family Caregiving

The estimated economic value of family caregivers’ unpaid contributions contribution was approximately $450 billion in 2009. If family caregivers were no longer available, the economic cost to the U.S. health care and long-term services and supports systems would increase astronomically. This report updates national and individual state estimates of the economic value of family care using the most current available data, and provides recommendations for taking care of the caregivers.

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2011 AoA, CMS, VA National Grantee Meeting – Archived Presentations

The AoA, CMS, and VA National Grantee Meeting was February 14-17, 2011. Use the attached links to find presentations from the 2011 sessions, available in PDF. Topics range from home and community-based services, evidence based care transition models, person-centered planning, aging and disability partnerships, and supporting caregivers. Full titles are available in the keywords section.

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Technologies for Improving Post-Acute Care Transitions

People receiving long term supports and services are frequently at risk for repeated hospital admissions, and patient care after a hospital stay is often fragmented and uncoordinated. Several types of technologies that have potential to support post-acute care transitions are discussed in this position paper. Studies suggest that the use of such technologies can lead to fewer hospitalizations and emergency room visits, high patient satisfaction and acceptance, and reductions in cost of care.

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Achieving Better Chronic Care at Lower Costs Across the Health Care Continuum for Older Americans

A conference was held to inform potential solutions to improve the cost and quality of care across the health care continuum for older Americans. Synthesizing the conference, this report addresses many of the challenges facing individuals with chronic conditions and functional impairments, and identifies new opportunities for the integration of medical services and social supports tailored to older Americans and supported by new payment designs.

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Training for Physicians-Clinical Decision-Making - Arizona

Can physicians help prevent needless work disability? Evidence-based clinical decision-making that helps patients start, stay at, or return to work, is the topic of this presentation. Given to the medical community, it outlines work related issues that may not seen to be a medical issue, but should be, and how to assess this. This presentation is focused on preventing needless work disability, providing resources and takeaway tools, and includes a survey.

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Initiatives of the FY 2004 Mental Health Systems Transformation Grantees

In September 2004 CMS provided $3.6 million to fund MHST grants to encourage states to develop mental health systems infrastructure to implement and sustain evidence-based and recovery-oriented practices. Grants were awarded to 12 states under the Systems Change grants program. This report describes the initiatives with a focus on implementation issues and challenges and how they addressed them. Four Grantees focused solely on evidence-based practices, six on recovery practices, and two on both.

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Healthy Aging Programs for Older Adults - Online Training

This is an online training module on evidence-based health promotion for older adults, which is designed primarily for aging services providers. This training module will define health promotion concepts, frameworks and terms, and will provide interactive exercises, downloadable tools and resources that can help the user plan for, implement, and reinforce the quality of health promotion programs.

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Alzheimer’s Disease Demonstration Grants to States (ADDGS) Projects – AoA Demonstration Grants

AoA announced the availability of $10,900,000 for two ADDGS Program Announcements: "Innovation Grants to Better Serve People with ADRD" and "Evidence-Based Intervention Translation Grants to Serve People with People with ADRD and their Caregivers." The goal is demonstrate how the Aging Services Network can effectively implement evidence-based service interventions that help people with ADRD to remain at home and in the community. Closing dates for applications are August 11th, 2008.

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Frameworks of Integrated Care for the Elderly: A Systematic Review

The author reviews international scholarly literature and case studies to identify four frameworks of integrated care for the elderly. The frameworks are summarized and compared based on underlying philosophy and policy, administrative and clinical best practices, and how they propose integration of different services. The review also highlights four key elements that are present in each framework and must be structured to support one another.

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