Long Term Services and Supports

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Guidance and Resources for Long Term Care Facilities

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) issued new guidelines to assist long term care facilities in complying with regulations by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that require facilities which are Medicare and/or Medicaid-certified to ensure their residents receive services in the most integrated setting appropriate to their needs.

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Better Outcomes for Dually Eligible Older Adults through Integrated Care

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published a report about the Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO) program. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the State of Minnesota started MSHO to coordinate the Medicare and Medicaid benefits their members receive, including Medicare coverage of acute medical care and Medicaid coverage of long-term services and supports. The report includes documentation of MSHO's outcomes from years 2010 to 2012.

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MACPAC June 2016 Report to Congress

On Wednesday, June, 15, 2016, the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC) released the March 2016 Report to Congress on Medicaid and CHIP. The authorizing statute of MACPAC requires the commission to submit a report to Congress by March 15 and June 15 each year. The report discusses financial and spending analyses as well as functional assessment tools that Medicaid programs use to determine eligibility and create specific care plans.

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How States Can Support and Aging Population: Actions Policy Makers Can Take

Milbank Memorial Fund’s Reforming States Group partnered with The New York Academy of Medicine to develop sessions focused on some of the major challenges and opportunities facing states as they work to support an aging population. This report provides a review of the issues discussed at the meetings, as well as recommendations for state policy interventions. The report also focuses on topics of specific interest to state leaders: age-friendly communities; LTSS and workforce.

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ADvancing States 2016 Policy Priorities: Aging and Disabilities in America

ADvancing States has released the association’s 2016 policy priorities. The priorities document outlines issues and recommendations regarding a wide range of health and human services programs important to older adults and people with disabilities. These include issues such as: • Implementation of the Older Americans Act reauthorization; • Medicaid LTSS innovations; • Support for caregivers; and • Employment for people with disabilities •

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Managed Long-Term Services & Supports: A Proposed Framework

UnitedHealthcare Community & State released a White Paper unveiling a proposed quality framework for MLTSS programs. The framework, developed by UnitedHealthcare's National Advisory Board, extends beyond traditional clinical measures to measure the quality of the "services and supports" delivered in MTLSS, which is often most important for those accessing MLTSS benefits.

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Long-Term Supports and Services as a Logical Next Step in the Evolution of Bundled Payments

The historical progression of bundled payments from acute care to post-acute care and the growing recognition of the value of HCBS create an interesting opportunity for sustainably integrating medical services with other (LTSS). Building on past lessons from efforts to incorporate community-based LTSS into traditional medical care models, such as care transitions, may help to inform successful future strategies to enable bundles to more efficiently achieve the Triple Aim.

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Housing Options for High-Need Dually Eligible Individuals: Health Plan of San Mateo Pilot

Many individuals with long-term services and supports (LTSS) needs either reside in institutions or are at risk for institutionalization. Rebalancing care to provide LTSS in the community is one goal of the federal Financial Alignment Initiative for Medicare-Medicaid enrollees. This profile details the experiences of the Health Plan of San Mateo (HPSM) as it implements a pilot program to help dually eligible individuals in nursing facilities transition back to community living.

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Predicting 30- to 120-Day Readmission Risk among Medicare Fee-for-Service Patients Using Nonmedical Workers and Mobile Technology

Hospital readmissions are a large source of wasteful healthcare spending, and current care transition models are too expensive to be sustainable. One way to circumvent cost-prohibitive care transition programs is complement nurse-staffed care transition programs with those staffed by less expensive nonmedical workers. A major barrier to utilizing nonmedical workers is determining the appropriate time to escalate care to a clinician with a wider scope of practice.

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Long-Term Care Providers and Services Users in the United States: Data From the National Study of Long-Term Care Providers, 2013–2014

This report presents the most current descriptive national information on the supply, organizational characteristics, staffing, and services offered by paid, regulated providers of long-term care services in five sectors; and the demographic, health, and functional composition of users of these services. Services users include residents of nursing homes and residential care communities, patients of home health agencies and hospices, and participants of adult day services centers.

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