Long Term Services and Supports

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Regulatory Review of Adult Day Services

Adult day services (ADS)--a non-residential service provided outside an individual's home for less than a full day--provides direct care to older adults and younger adults with physical disabilities. This report provides information about each state's approach to regulating this key community service. The report details different models, forms of regulation, and funding sources used by states to run ADS programs.

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Caregiving in the U.S. 2015

This study provides insights into higher-hour caregivers (at least 21 hours of care a week), caregivers ages 75 and older, multicultural caregivers, and the challenges facing caregivers in the workplace. While the “typical” family caregiver is a 49-year-old woman who cares for a relative, caregivers on the whole are becoming much more diverse. The study found nearly a quarter of America’s caregivers are millennials between the ages of 18 and 34 and are equally likely to be male or female.

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Federal Strategy Needed to Help Ensure Efficient and Effective Delivery of Home and Community-Based Services and Supports

This report addresses: 1) federal programs that fund HCBS and supports for older adults, in particular in-home and nutrition services, affordable housing, and transportation; 2) how HCBS and supports are planned and delivered in selected localities; and 3) agencies’ efforts to promote a coordinated federal system of HCBS for older adults.

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A Right to Person-Centered Care Planning

Person-centered planning encompasses the idea that the individual is at the heart of all decisions about services, supports, and care. This report analyzes how well states are implementing a 2014 rule that creates the right to person-centered care planning for Medicaid consumers of Long-Term Services and Supports. The report is a tool for health care providers, plan administrators, and advocates to help them understand the scope of the rules and be able to identify provision shortfalls.

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Medicaid HCBS Settings Regulations and Adult Services

This report details results of a survey administered to Adult Service providers to learn more about the locations, funding sources, and supports that these programs provide to seniors and people with disabilities. The report demonstrates how Adult Services include a wide array of services, including a combination of social and medical supports. ADvancing States is concerned that new CMS regulations may reduce the number of available providers in the Medicaid program.

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The Right Supports at the Right Time: How Money Follows the Person Programs Are Supporting Diverse Populations in the Community

The Money Follows the Person (MFP) demonstration aims to give Medicaid beneficiaries living in long-term care facilities more choice about where they live and receive services and to strengthen state systems of LTSS to serve more people in community settings. This report examines how six MFP grantees (MO, LA, NE, NJ, OH, IL) are serving populations with diverse needs in the community and the factors that have contributed to their strong performance on key outcome measures.

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Money Follows the Person 2013 Annual Evaluation Report

The fifth in a series of annual reports from the national evaluation of the MFP rebalancing demonstration, the report presents three sets of analyses that show the overall progress and effects of the MFP demonstration: progress made by grantees on their statutory transition and expenditure goals; the extent to which states are rebalancing their LTSS systems; and 3) changes in expenditures patterns and utilization of select services following an individual's transition from institutional to HCBS.

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Home and Community-Based Services: Creating Systems for Success at Home, at Work and in the Community

This report offers recommendations for federal and state entities from a thorough review of the legal and regulatory home and community-based services (HCBS) framework outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act and new HCBS regulations. The bearing of setting size and configuration on the quality of supports and services received by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and individuals with mental health disabilities in home and community-based arrangements is the focus.

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