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Long-Term Care for Older Adults: A Review of Home and Community-Based Services Versus Institutional Care

This report compares long-term care (LTC) for older adults delivered through Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) with care provided in nursing homes (NHs) by evaluating (1) the characteristics of older adults served through HCBS and in NHs; (2) the impact of HCBS and NH care on outcome trajectories of older adults; and (3) the per person costs of HCBS and NH care, costs for other services such as acute care, and family burden.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/53317

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Development of Quality Indicators for Home and Community-Based Services Population: Project Methodology

This report details development of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)’s Quality Indicators (QI) for the HCBS population. It includes key sections: 1) the introduction section providing background on the HCBS QI development project. 2) the methods section on an overview of the QI development process, 3) results of details of empirical analyses performed to support QI, 4) the concluding thoughts section providing a discussion of interpretation of the indicators.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/53316

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Consumer Perspectives on Quality Home Care

This report seeks to understand quality care from a unique perspective; the individual receiving or accessing paid care services and support in their own home. The Consumer Voice convened interviews, surveys, and a national focus group to determine how consumers define quality care, pinpoint needed care improvements and recommend policy actions to provide more access to quality home care. This report provides consumers with an opportunity to speak out and contribute to shaping the policies.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/53282

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Consensus Recommendations for the 2011 Older Americans Act Reauthorization

This document offers recommendations for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Older Americans Act (OAA) services upon its reauthorization. Recommendations are made under each Title of the Act. More general recommendations include increasing interaction and coordination with other federal programs that deliver services for older adults such as the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Senior Corps, and Adult Protective Services.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/53188

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Effectiveness of the State Long Term Care Ombudsman Programs

This report serves as a follow-up to the 1995 Institute on Medicine (IOM) report which argued for an ombudsman program to address the quality of care in long-term institutional settings. This study investigates the role and effectiveness of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Programs (LTCOPs) in improving care. Surveys with all states/territories reveal new findings on the structure of the program in different states as well as their own perceived effectiveness. Comprehensive data and analysis.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/53184

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Building a National Agenda for Supporting Families with a Member with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

This document outlines recommendations from the Johnson Foundation's Wingspread Conference to ensure that individuals with I/DD are fully integrated into society and the recognition of their families' role in their lives. Review the action steps and accomplishments.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/53107

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Participant-Directed Respite Guidebook

This resource for programs includes State Lifespan Respite Programs, that provide respite and are interested in developing & implementing participant-directed respite, especially through voucher programs. Included are: overview materials that provide content information regarding participant direction, examples from two states that currently implement participant-directed respite programs using a voucher system, important tax and financial information, & resources for additional materials.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/53091

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Studying Recipients of Long-Term Services and Supports: A Case Study in Assembling Medicaid and Medicare Claims and Assessment Data in California

This report describes the process of assembling and integrating Medicaid and Medicare data to study recipients of HCBS in California. Subsequent reports will describe disability levels and service use of HCBS users in Medi-Cal only and dual eligibles between 2005 and 2008.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/53087


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