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Frequently Asked Questions: Hoarding Disorders and Older Adults

This resource is a follow up to NCLER's Legal Basics Training on Self-Neglect and Hoarding Disorders. It includes the presenters' answers to common questions from the webcast. The sheet covers information including what differentiates hoarding from clutter or collecting, how to identify and screen for hoarding, and what steps and treatment should be utilized in a hoarding case. This FAQ sheet also includes a list of additional resources on hoarding.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/71858

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How to Talk about Mental Health: Addressing Misunderstandings about Mental Health in the Media

This tip sheet helps people understand how to talk about mental health in a more sensitive and accurate way. This resource presents common myths and misunderstandings found in the media and provides correct information along with suggestions about how to reframe the conversation. The sheet also offers additional resources and tips to learn more about being a good mental health ally.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/71847

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Factsheets for AAPI Older Adults, Caregivers, and Aging Organizations

These resources are designed for AAPI Older Adults, Caregivers, and Aging Organizations. The fact sheets cover the issues of emotional abuse, neglect, and how caregivers of those with dementia can care for themselves. The fact sheets are available in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Samoan, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and English.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/71805

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Supporting the Critical Role of Family Caregivers: State Opportunities

This fact sheet was developed as part of the Center’s Helping States Support Families Caring for an Aging America initiative. Six states – Alabama, Idaho, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Virginia- are involved with the initiative. This fact sheet provides an overview of unpaid family caregiving and lists options state leaders can consider implementing in order to support family caregivers in their state.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/71677

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Tips for Older Consumers to Stop Illegal Robocalls

The National Center on Law and Elder Rights (NCLER) released a tip sheet to help older adults stop receiving robocalls. Telemarketers, debt collectors, and scammers utilize illegal robocalls- automated telephone calls- to target potential victims. This document provides older consumers with several tips they can use to lessen the frequency of robocalls, while protecting them from scams.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/71662

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Medicare Part D Extra Help Continued Assistance: Redeeming, Redetermination, and Reassignment

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) released a fact sheet that provides information for the Medicare Extra Help/Part D Low-Income Subsidy (LIS). The fact sheet includes information on redeeming, redeterminations, and reassignment for the LIS/Extra Help program.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/71644

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Understanding Medicaid Buy-in: A Tool to Advance Employment for People with Disabilities

ACL, CMS, and the Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) have released a Q&A document to help grantees, stakeholders, and self-advocates better understand the Medicaid buy-in program. The Medicaid buy-in program includes Medicaid eligibility groups that serve workers with disabilities who are earning income and whom states may charge premiums as a condition of Medicaid eligibility.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/71620


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