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Retooling for an Aging America: Building the Health Care Workforce

This book and corresponding materials present a strategy for improving the health care workforce serving older adults via expanded education and training, models of care, and public/private programs. The committee proposes a three-prong approach: 1)Enhance the geriatric competence of the entire workforce; 2)Increase the recruitment and retention of geriatric specialists and caregivers; 3)Improve the way care is delivered. The book is available free online or for sale in PDF or hard copy format.

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Quality Indicators for Competitive Employment Outcomes

The indicators provided in this fact sheet serve as a means for self-assessment by employment programs to help make strides toward facilitating competitive and sustainable employment choices for people with disabilities. This tool can also be used to identify both areas of strength to highlight in marketing and areas that need priority attention for improvement.

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Health Coverage for People with Disabilities - North Carolina

Find an abundance of information on Health Coverage for Workers with Disabilities (HCWD), a Medicaid expansion in North Carolina created under the authority of the Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act. Included are: reports on cost and participation projections; a powerpoint presentation on information gathered from workgroups; brochures on the program; and a fact sheet about the shift from personal care services (PCS) to HCWD.

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Family Health Care Tips & Fact Sheets – New Mexico

The New Mexico Family to Family grantees, Parents Reaching Out, have put together over a dozen tips sheets. Topics include Advocating for Yourself, Teen Scene: Communication with Health Care Providers, Preparing for Doctors Visits, Waivers, Navigating Medicaid, SSI, Preventing Medical Errors, Transitioning Health Care, HIPAA, and FAQ sabot Mi Via and EPSDT. Also includes is a brochure called Telling Your Story, Tips for Sharing your Experiences. All the fact sheets are also available in Spanish.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/51451

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Michigan Freedom to Work Outreach Materials

See a variety of resources on assistance to people with disabilities in Michigan. Included are the Freedom to Work brochure, a Persons with Disabilities and Prescription Drug Coverage fact sheet, the Work Incentives Planning and Assistance brochure, Outreach Materials contact information, an on-line resources sheet, and a copy of the Michigan Freedom to Work for Individuals with Disabilities Law. A link to the Michigan Freedom to Work Website is provided.

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Personal Assistance Services (PAS) Facts: Volume 1

This fact sheet offers a short overview and history of Personal Assistance Services (PAS) as they developed out of institutional based services to community-based services and discusses some key pieces of legislation that impact the utilization of these services. The article also highlights promising practices, including self-directed PAS services and PAS at the workplace.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/51424

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The PHI National Clearinghouse on the Direct Care Workforce

Visit this on-line library for people in search of solutions to the direct-care staffing crisis in long-term care. The site includes government and research reports, news, issue briefs, on topics such as recruitment, career advancement supervision, workplace culture, and caregiving practices plus training manuals and how-to guides. The Clearinghouse publishes original research and analysis, fact sheets, an annual survey of state initiatives, and Quality Jobs/Quality Care, an on-line newsletter.

Short URL: http://www.advancingstates.org/node/51417

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Partnerships to Independence: Resources for Successful Nursing Home Transitions

Partnerships to Independence (PTI) was created by the Birmingham Independent Living Center in Birmingham, Alabama through a grant from CMS. This transition guide addresses nursing home outreach, support needs and skills, follow-up, and barriers. The purpose of PTI was to develop a model program that could be replicated in other CILs in Alabama and the US. ILC staff identified a number of basic resources and strategies that can be used to promote nursing home transition.

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Workplace Accommodations: Low Cost, High Impact

The Job Accommodation Network: JAN Fact Sheet reports findings from over 1,000 employers interviewed between Jan '04 and Dec '06. Findings include the following: employers want to provide accommodations so they can retain valued and qualified employees, most employers report no cost or low cost for accommodating employees with disabilities, employers report accommodations are effective and employers experience multiple direct and indirect benefits after making accommodations.

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Working Healthy: Making Health Care Work Website and Marketing Material

Working Healthy, the Kansas MIG program, offers people with disabilities who are working or interested in working the opportunity to get or keep Medicaid coverage while on the job. The website offers an interactive map of benefit specialist, a chart on premiums (SRS Form ES-3165) , information on Work Opportunities Reward Kansans (WORK), publications, and FAQs. Also review their brochure in English and Spanish and their one page fact sheet used for outreach.

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