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Personal Care Assistance 40 Hour Training: Appendices

As part of its CPASS grant, Alaska developed a curriculum for personal care assistant training. This curriculum goes through the various responsibilities that a home health worker would encounter. The curriculum is a total of 40 hours, followed up by written exams. These are the appendices to go along with Alaska's Personal Care Assistance 40 Hour Training Curriculum

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National Spending on Long-Term Care and Medicaid - Fact Sheets

The Georgetown University Long-Term Care Financing Project has two newly-revised fact sheets National Spending on Long-Term Care, looks at total spending for nursing home and home care services nationwide, in total and by major payers. Medicaid and Long-Term Care, describes Medicaid's role in financing long-term care, with a particular focus on home and community-based services and how states' provision of these services may be affected by the policy changes in the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005.

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Family-to-Family Fact Sheets in Spanish

The Parent to Parent of New York State– Family to Family Healthcare Information and Education Center developed a number of fact sheets in Spanish to assist the parents they serve. Fact Sheet titles include: HCBS Waiver Programs, Navigating Doctors Appointments, Searching the Internet for Medical Information, Medication Tips, Record Keeping Suggestions, Relieving Stress. They have also developed a 34 page Care Notebook where families can keep a complete record of a child’s medical history.

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Family Caregiver Alliance Website

A public voice for caregivers, the Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) offers information education, services, research and advocacy programs to support and sustain the vital work of families caring for loved ones. The website offers fact sheets, audio archives, referrals, newsletters, issue briefs and reports. A newly updated resource map called Caregiving Across the States allows state administrators, policy makers, and caregivers to access state-by-state data from an interactive database.

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Rebalancing: Ensuring Greater Access to Home and Community-Based Services

States vary greatly in the proportion of Medicaid long-term care funds expended on home and community-based services. In 2005, Oregon and New Mexico spent over two-thirds of their Medicaid LTC dollars on HCBS while Washington, D.C. and Mississippi spent less than 20 percent on HCBS. To overcome the “imbalance” states, at varying rates, have been “rebalancing” the way that Medicaid LTC services are delivered and financed to allocate a higher proportion of dollars to HCBS.

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ServiceLink Resource Materials: The New Hampshire ADRC

The ServiceLink Resource Center has developed and shared a number of resources they are using to market the expansion of their service. Visit this ADRC’s website or review their outreach material which includes a fact sheet, newsletter guidelines, marketing plan and messages, advertisements for print and radio, a general press release, flyers, brochures and logo.

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New Requirements for Citizenship Documentation in Medicaid

This fact sheet provides information on the new federal requirement that all U.S. citizens and nationals applying for or renewing their Medicaid coverage provide documentation of their citizenship status and examines the implications for Medicaid beneficiaries and the states. This is one of the significant changes the DRA makes to Medicaid effective July 1, 2006.

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Medicaid Spending and Enrollment Trends

A new fact sheet and report analysis Medicaid spending and enrollment trends for 2000-2004. Medicaid trends are related to the state of the nation's economy; as the economy has strengthened, increases in enrollment and spending have slowed. Rising enrollment and health care inflation produced most of Medicaid's spending increases. Even with a stronger economy, however, Medicaid's enrollment pressures remain due to demographic trends and continued declines in employer-sponsored insurance.

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