Clarifying the Definition of Personal Care

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A presentation for the 2003 Gerontological Society of America Annual Scientific Meeting. Presented are findings on the purchase of goods and services under Cash & Counseling in Arkansas and New Jersey. A topic report on the presentation is also available here.
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Meiners, Mark R.; Loughlin, Dawn M.; Sadler, Michele D.; Mahoney, Kevin J.
University of Maryland Center on Aging
Individualized Budget
Activities of Daily Living (ADLs); Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs); Conceptual Framework for Clarifying the Personal Care Services Definition; Insights from the Literature; Project Goals; Benefits Of Assistive Device and Service Use; Assistive Device Use as a Substitution for Personal Care; Barriers to Assistive Device and Service Use; Focus groups with consumers (or their representatives); Program staff interviews; Fiscal Intermediary data; Purchasing with CCDE funds; Client reports of purchases prior to enrollment in the CCDE


Laura B. Wilson
University of Maryland Center on Aging
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