Consumer-Directed Attendant Support Training Reference Manual

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  • Training Manual: Terms and Definitions PDF
  • Training Manual: Program Overview PDF
  • Training Manual: Enrollment in CDASS PDF
  • Training Manual: Working With Accent PDF
  • Training Manual: Client Rights PDF
  • Training Manual: Client Responsibilities PDF
  • Training Manual: Planning Attendant Services PDF
  • Training Manual: Budgeting PDF
  • Training Manual: Personnel Issues PDF
  • Training Manual: Quality Attendant Support PDF
  • Training Manual: Communication Skills PDF
  • Training Manual: Managing Your Health PDF
  • Training Manual: Using Resources PDF

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The Consumer Directed Attendant Support Program developed this resource for participants. The manual contains ideas, approaches, and suggestions for consumers as they hire, train, and supervise attendants. Training includes budgeting, employer issues, and communications skills.
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Cash and Counseling
Training; budgeting; employer issues; communications skills; Enrollment in CDASS; Program Overview; Working with Accent; Client Rights; Client Responsibilities; Planning and Organizing Attendant Services; Budgeting; Personnel Issues; Recognizing and Getting Quality Attendant Support; Recognizing and Getting Quality Attendant Support; Communication Skills; Managing Your Health; Using Resources


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