Dementia Capability Toolkit

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When assessing the needs of persons with dementia and caregivers in the community, it is important to understand the number of persons affected and their unique needs for services and programs. This toolkit complements the issue brief titled Making the Long-Term Services and Supports System Work for People With Dementia and Their Caregivers by identifying resources that states and communities can use to design initiatives to ensure that programs are dementia-capable.
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Gould, Elizabeth; Yuen, Patricia
Measuring Functional Ability for Care Planning and Resource Allocation; Options Counseling and Assistance; Understanding Decision-making Capacity for Care Planning and Resource Allocation; Resources for Diverse and Underserved Persons with Dementia and Caregivers; Safety Resources; Challenging Behaviors and Wandering; Medication Management; Hoarding; Travel; Disaster Planning; Driving; Falls; Workforce Training and Tools; Self-Directed Services; Quality Assurance Systems


Administration on Aging

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