Implementation Issues For Consumer-Directed Programs: Comparing Views Of Policy Experts, Consumers, And Representatives

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This article describes the importance of examining views from multiple key stakeholders involved in implementing CD programs. The report focuses on the three background studies that informed the Cash & Counseling Demonstration and Evaluation, as well as results from the first year of implementation.
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Simon-Rusinowitz, Lori; Marks, Lori N.; Loughlin, Dawn M.; Desmond, Sharon M.; Mahoney, Kevin J.; Zacharias, B. Lee; Squillace, Marie R.; Allison, Ann Marie
Implementation Issues; Views of Policy Experts, Consumers, and Representatives; aging community providers; key stakeholders; ADLs; Policy Expert Interviews; Telephone Surveys; Focus Groups; Implementation Data; Differences in Interest Level; Family Decisions; Level and Type of Training Needed; Worker Shortages; Shortage of Qualified PAS Workers


Elizabeth Maguire
National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services

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