An Inventory of Publicly Funded Participant-Directed Long-Term Services and Supports Programs in the United States

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After a decade of changes in federal law, regulation, and policy designed to promote the growth of publicly funded participant-directed long-term services and supports (PD-LTSS) programs, the number of these programs has grown considerably. This article details the process for developing this data resource, describes some of the major characteristics of PD-LTSS programs in the United States, and discusses possible implications and areas for future research.
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Sciegaj, Mark; Mahoney, Kevin J.; Schwartz, Abby J.; Simon-Rusinowitz, Lori; Selkow, Issac; Loughlin, Dawn M.
Journal of Disability Policy Studies
Medicaid; self-direction; long-term services and supports; participant-directed; National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services;


Mark Sciegaj

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