Real Choice Systems Grant Program: Second Year Report (October 1, 2002–September 30, 2003)

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This report describes the FY ‘01 & FY ‘02 Grantees’ accomplishments & progress, using information from 10/1/02 to 9/30/03 (Year Two of grant period for FY ‘01 Grantees & Year One of grant period for FY ‘02 Grantees). The report describes grant activities in six major areas: Consumer Direction & Control, Access to LTC Services & Supports, State Budgeting & Reimbursement Rates & Methodologies, Service Creation/Modification, LTC Service & Support Workforce, Quality Management Mechanism.
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O’Keeffe DrPH, RN, Janet; Greene, MBA, Angela; Anderson, PhD, Wayne; O’Keeffe, BA, Christine; Koetse, BA, Beth; Siebenaler, MPA, Kristin
Direct Care Workforce
Real Choice Systems Change
Formative Evaluation; Systems Change; CPASS; LTC; Long-term care; Integrated Access; Streamlined Financial or Functional Eligibility; transition services; findings; web-based reporting system; RC


Janet O\'Keeffee
RTI International-Health, Social, and Economics Research
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

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