On the Verge: The Transformation of Long Term Services and Supports

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Many states are undergoing long-term services & supports (LTSS) transformations. The lagging economy & increased demand for publicly funded LTSS are placing pressure on state policymakers to find solutions. As a result, many states either have or plan to implement Medicaid Managed LTSS, with 12 states having existing programs & another 11 with plans for implementation. Many states used the economic downturn as an opportunity to balance services from institutional to non-institutional settings.
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Cheek, Mike; Roherty, Martha; Finnan, Leslie; Cho, Eunhee (Grace); Walls, Jenna; Gifford, Kathleen; Fox-Grage, Wendy; Ujvari, Kathleen
Dual Eligibles
State Balancing Incentive Program; Community First Choice Option; Health Home Incentives; Accountable Care Organizations; Enhanced Federal Match Opportunities; Partnership for Patients; Promising Practices; Provider Reimbursement Rate Changes


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