Real Choice Systems Change Grant Program: First Year Report

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To help States build the infrastructure needed to remove barriers and create more consumer responsive LTC systems, CMS awarded $70 million in Real Choice Systems Change Grants. Fifty-two Grants were awarded in Sept. 2001 (25 Real Choice, 10 Community-Integrated Personal Assistance Services & Supports, 17 Nursing Facility Transition). This report describes the progress FY01 Grantees have made on their activities during the first year of the three-year Grant period (Oct 1, 2001-Sept 30, 2002.)
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Anderson, Ph.D., Wayne; O’Keeffe, Dr.P.H, Janet
Real Choice Systems Change
Effectiveness, Costs and Related Issues; Interagency Coordination; Personal Assistance Services and Supports; I&R; Information, Referral, Assessment, and Outreach; Housing; Education/Advocacy; Workforce Recruitment, Retention, and Training; Quality Assurance and Improvement; SP; ILP; Policy, Planning, and Management; Interagency Coordination


Nancy Mitchell
RTI International

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