Increasing Options for Self-Directed Services Initiatives of the FY 2003 Independence Plus Grantees

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This report describes the activities of 12 Grantees that received Independence Plus (IP) grants in FY 2003 and are using them to increase self-directed services options for persons of all ages with disabilities or chronic illnesses. Grantees encountered a range of issues while implementing. This report provides information for states and stakeholders planning, implementing, or expanding self-direction programs, whether through solely state-funded programs or the Medicaid program.
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O’Keeffe, Dr.P.H., R.N., Janet; O’Keeffe, B.A., Christine; Wiener, Ph.D., Joshua; Siebenaler, M.P.A., Kristin
Person Centered Planning
Medicaid Authority; Self-Direction; Quality Assurance; Ensuring Systems Improvements


Janet O’Keeffe
RTI International

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