Results from New Hampshire's LIFE Account Feasibility Study and Implementation Plan

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The three-year study examined relevant policy, program design, and cultural implications that may have an impact on enabling self-directed Medicaid beneficiaries to save money without losing benefits. Using extensive stakeholder engagement, six elements were studied: savings models; costs and benefits of self-direction; Federal tax policy; state policy context; participant needs; and an implementation plan.
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Davies, Tobey; Swack, Michael; Mendelsohn, Steven; Winchester, Michelle; Bates, Kathleen; Giroux, Reginald; Bezanson, Lee
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Southern New Hampshire University- Center for Community Economic Development & Disability and University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability
savings; tax; taxes; Asset Accumulation; Asset Development; Self-Directed


Tobey Davies
Center for Community Economic Development & Disability
at Southern New Hampshire University

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