Real Choice Systems Change Grant Program - FY 2004 Grantees: Final Report

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CMS awarded the fourth round of 3-year grants for RCSC in Sept 2004. Three categories of grants were awarded: Research and Demonstration grants (40), Technical Assistance grants (10), and Feasibility Study and Development grants (2). This report focuses on the outcomes and Enduring Systems Improvements in Housing, Comprehensive Systems Reform, Mental Health Systems Transformation, Quality, Rebalancing, and Family to Family Grantees.
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O’Keeffe, Janet; Harahan, Mary; O’Keeffe, Christine; Anderson, Wayne
Real Choice Systems Change
Comprehensive Systems Reform Grantees; Integrating Long-Term Supports with Affordable Housing Grantees; Mental Health Systems Transformation Grantees; Portals from Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment to Adult Supports Grantees; Rebalancing;


Christine O'Keeffe
RTI International

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