Medicaid Home and Community-Based Service Programs: Data Update

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Developing HCBS alternatives to institutional care has been a priority for many state Medicaid programs over the last three decades. While the majority of long-term care dollars still go toward institutional care, the national percentage of spending on HCBS has more than doubled from 19 percent in 1995 to 41 percent in 2007. This article presents a summary of the main trends to emerge from the latest (2006) expenditures and participant data for the three main Medicaid HCBS programs.
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Ng, Terence; Harrington, Charlene; O’Malley, Molly
Personal Assistant; Caregivers
Medicaid spending; HCBS waivers; mandatory home health benefit; optional state plan personal care services benefit; provider reimbursement rates; home health benefit; personal care services benefit; waiting list data;1915(i); 1915 (j); deficit reduction act; money follows the person; University of California, San Francisco; UCSF


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