Implementation Lessons On Basic Features Of Cash & Counseling Programs

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Based primarily on interviews with demonstration staff and other stakeholders, this paper draws lessons from their learning process on the design of basic features, in the Cash and Counseling demonstration programs. The lessons pertain to cooperating with existing service providers; outreach and enrollment; counseling and fiscal services; consumer spending plans and allowances; controlling program costs; and preventing misuse of the allowance and exploitation of the consumer.
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Phillips, Barbara; Mahoney, Kevin J.; Foster, Leslie
Identify and Address Provider Concerns; cashing out; Outreach and Enrollment; Counseling and Fiscal Services; combining counseling and fiscal services; Ensure counselor caseloads; Planning for and Starting on the Allowance; consumers assistance with initial spending plan; Streamline allowance-planning procedures; Make recruiting help available; Controlling Program Costs; home visits and telephone calls to monitor consumer welfare


Elizabeth Maguire
National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services

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