The Managed Fee-for-Service Option to Integrate Care for Dual-Eligibles: A Guide for State Advocates

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CMS created a financial alignment demonstration to better promote coordinated care for dual-eligibles. The fee-for-service managed care model has received less attention than capitated managed care. However, this model could be useful in states or regions where traditional managed care organizations are not well established or do not function well. This brief makes some assessments of the advantages and difficulties of the model and identifies elements necessary for successful implementation.
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Steinberg, Marc; Callow, Andrea; Bailey, Kim; Stoll, Kathleen; Bostock, Tara; Uriona, Carla; Magill, Nancy
Families USA
waiver; realignment; Medicare; rebalance; fee-for-service; capitated; HMOs; integrated care; demonstration; care coordination; state proposals;


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