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Delaware Passport to Independence: An Analysis of Programs and Services Provided (2003-2005)

This report tracks the work of 8 Passport caseworkers from 3 different service organizations. Caseworkers noted that clients experienced mixed feelings about the program; they were excited at the prospect of transitioning into the community but also frustrated at the length of time it took to complete the transition. Throughout the survey period, the biggest success experienced by caseworkers was finalizing a client’s housing and assisting them in moving out of a nursing home.

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HOME Participating Jurisdiction\'s Open Activities Reports

A new monthly report from HUD is available on-line and is broken down state-by-state and downloadable in an MS Excel spreadsheet. Participating Jurisdiction (PJs) can use the reports to view open activities in IDIS including activities with 100% of the funds drawn and with a status code of FD, or final draw. PJs can view activities that have been open (OP) for several years with little or no HOME funds drawn. These projects, if not progressing, should be cancelled. The data is updated monthly.

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Nursing Home to Community Program: A Discharge Planning Manual

The manual is a nursing home to community discharge planning manual designed primarily for use in nursing homes and may be of help to others to use in developing manuals for their communities. It is designed to orient the long-term care providers to the nursing home discharge process by defining the roles of the key partners who are involved in returning residents to community living and to document a standard protocol for accessing and maximizing partner resources.

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Fair Housing for HOME Participants Guide

This publication, a series of 5 guides, provides technical assistance to HOME participating jurisdictions (PJ) and their housing partners on the fair housing laws and regulations that apply to HOME Program participants. The series reviews the applicable Federal fair housing requirements, illustrates best practices in promoting fair housing, and highlights PJ responsibilities for ensuring compliance with fair housing requirements.

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2006 CMS Systems Change Conference: Access to Community Living

The CMS Systems Change conference, Transforming Systems: Keys to Success was held April 10-12 in Baltimore. Presentations from the 2006 sessions are available in both PDF and text formats. Topics range from ideas on system transformation, stakeholder involvement, coalition building, strategic planning, sustaining systems change, and the Deficit Reduction Act. Full titles are listed in the keywords section.

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Notice of Procedures for Designation of Consortia as a Participating Jurisdiction for the HOME Program

HUD CPD Notice 06-04 provides guidance on the HOME Investment Partnerships Program. The Notice updates CPD Notice 04-05; it is applicable to a) Units of General Local Government (UGLGs) that wish to form a consortium to participate in the HOME program, b) existing consortia that are already qualified to participate in the HOME program and want to add one or more UGLG members, c) existing consortia that must execute a new consortium agreement because their consortium qualification period ended.

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Real Choice Systems Change (RCSC) Grants Solicitation FY 2006

With this funding for Systems Transformation, CMS will be awarding several states and non-profit agencies with small supplemental grants. States and other eligible organizations, in partnership with their disability and aging communities, may submit proposals to design and construct systems infrastructure that will result in effective and enduring improvements in community long-term support systems.

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Real Choice Systems Change Grants: Compendium Fifth Edition

The Compendium contains basic information about each of the Real Choice Systems Change Grantees. The Compendium will help you learn more about how these grants will be used to allow more people of all ages with a disability or long term illness to live and participate in their communities. Real Choice Systems Change Grantees will also find the Compendium useful to identify other Grantees with similar goals and activities. The fifth edition of the Compendium replaces all previous editions.

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SOAR (SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery) Project

The Pre-SOAR (SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery) Data Form will be used by Oregon to capture, evaluate and report outcomes for the SOAR Technical Assistance project. The purpose is to monitor improvement, as a result of SOAR training, in accessing SSI and SSDI benefits for eligible people disabled by mental illness.

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