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Social Participation and Rural/Vulnerable Communities: Does Asset Ownership Matter?

Based on a comprehensive review of the relevant literature, this paper examines the impact of asset ownership on meaningful and participatory social inclusion. The paper first, presents an overview of the assets-based perspective of welfare and highlight factors that have shaped this perspective with an overview of rural communities and their relationship to these issues. Next, the paper reviews the potential effects of asset ownership and how this may impact social inclusion in rural areas.

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Certified HOME Program Specialist Training Initiative

The Office of Affordable Housing Programs is now pleased to announce this new training initiative which will use a modified 'Building HOME' primer course as its foundation. Two and one-half days of training will be provided followed by a certification test. The training and testing will happen in various locations across the country and will focus on the HOME regulations. At this time only PJ or HUD staff with at least one year of direct HOME experience are permitted to register.

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The New Hampshire Home Care Connections Project: Results of the Needs Survey at Baseline Summer 2005

This baseline survey has the reviews of professionals working with those at risk of losing their subsidized housing and entering a nursing facility due to emotional, cognitive, or behavioral issues. The survey was also used to better understand and identify risk factors, and import services, associated with nursing home placement, its avoidance, and training needs.

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Distressed Conditions in Developments for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities and Strategies Used for Improvement

A new GAO report examined public housing developments occupied primarily by elderly persons and non-elderly persons with disabilities. Review the data on severely distressed housing and the ways in which such housing can be improved. This report examines the methods used to reduce the level of social distress and strategies to improve physical and social conditions.

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Roadmap for Change: Maine\'s Response to the Olmstead Decision

This guide was prepared by Maine’s Work Group for Community-Based Living in response to the 1999 Olmstead Supreme Court decision. The work group submits this Roadmap as an interdepartmental approach for improving home and community services for people with disabilities. Section topics include: advocacy, integrated services, using data, service coordination, direct-care workers, improving quality, housing, transportation, and employment.

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A Guide to Housing in West Virginia

Access to affordable, accessible, and integrated housing within a community of choice has been identified as one of the primary barriers faced by persons with disabilities in West Virginia. Lack of housing has become a major barrier to successfully moving individuals from institutions to the community. This manual is intended to be a resource to assist individuals with understanding the complicated maze of systems that must be navigated to successfully own or rent a home or apartment.

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Priced Out 2004: The Housing Crisis for People with Disabilities

This newly released biennial study verifies that low-income people with disabilities are experiencing a national housing affordability crisis. The Priced Out in 2004 study compares the monthly SSI income of more than 4 million Americans with disabilities to the fair market rental rates for efficiencies and modest one-bedroom apartments in every housing market in the country. Review more facts, figures and examples about housing and the national rent increases which greatly exceed SSI Benefits.

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Access to Housing for Persons with Disabilities: Lessons Learned from Three Demonstration Projects

The Quality Choices for Maine project was conducted from 2001-2004. This report focuses on Access to Services, one part of the three-year RCSC Quality Grant. The specific housing related goal was “to improve access to community housing for people with disabilities of all types.” Project activities were overseen by the Access to Services Technical Assistance Group and a variety of stakeholders. Read the activity summaries, lessons learned and recommendations on how to sustain the work.

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High Stakes for the Housing Voucher Program in the 2006 Appropriations Bill

A new report finds that the Senate Appropriations Committee’s HUD funding bill would do a better job than the comparable House bill of repairing recent damage to the housing voucher program. The report shows how each of the bills would affect state and local housing agencies across the nation. There are differences between the two bills, however both would change the way voucher funds are divided among housing agencies and both would increase voucher funding for 2006.

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