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California and Texas: Section 1115 Medicaid Demonstration Waivers Compared

Both of these large state waivers affect hundreds of thousands of Medicaid beneficiaries, involve billions of federal Medicaid matching funds, and are designed, in part, to promote changes in the health care delivery system that will result in better care for individuals, better population health, and reductions in costs through system improvements. They have a number of key similarities and differences as summarized in the side-by-side table within this fact sheet.

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The U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Health Care (AHRQ) Innovations Exchange

The Exchange website offers busy health professionals and researchers a variety of opportunities to share, learn about, and ultimately adopt evidence-based innovations and tools suitable for a range of health care settings and populations. The site has the following components: Searchable innovations; Searchable QualityTools; Learning opportunities and Networking opportunities.

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The Technical Assistance Center for the Balancing Incentive Program

This site offers a wealth of information for anyone seeking clarification about the Balancing Incentive Program. It also provides numerous resources States will find useful when pursuing the benefits offered by the Program, including: The Program Application; The Implementation Manual; A user-friendly Work Plan; A user-friendly CSA/CDS crosswalk; Frequently Asked Questions; Webinars; Additional resources on the web; and beyond.

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Affordable Care Act: Opportunities for the Aging Network

The Administration on Aging (AoA) has a new page on its website that highlights program and funding opportunities within the Affordable Care Act that relate to the mission and vision of AoA and the Aging Network. Topics covered include Medicare and Medicaid, prevention, and webinars and technical assistance resources.

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NCOA's National Center for Benefits Outreach and Enrollment Website

Organizations are assisted in enrolling seniors & younger adults with disabilities with limited means into the benefits programs for which they are eligible so that they can remain healthy & improve the quality of their lives. New features available on the site include fact sheets with detailed info about core benefits programs, a clearinghouse of promising practices, & a library of sample benefits outreach materials, webinar slides, & publications—all searchable by topic, state, & keyword.

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One Call-One Click Transportation Services Toolkit

This Toolkit provides information for communities interested in working together to develop a one-call or one-click service for transportation to fit their own circumstances. On November 9th, the Federal Transit Administration announced $34.6 million would be awarded to 55 communities for resource centers. Review the website for practical guides and tools on implementation. Additionally there are community profiles and webinars to provide best practice examples.

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An Introduction to Indiana’s Medicaid Waiver Program for Home and Community Based Services

Is your state looking for a nice example of how to introduce waiver programs to the community? Review this guide, which provides an overview of the various programs. The guide outlines what services are covered and how to apply for various programs.

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e-Connected Family Caregiver: Bringing Caregiving into the 21st Century

In November 2010, UnitedHealthcare and the National Alliance for Caregiving conducted a study in order to better understand how family caregivers use home technologies in order to assist them in caring for their loved ones while allowing them to remain independent. Explore the study's key findings in order to learn more about 12 particular technologies that have been found to be helpful, perceived barriers to using technology, and influencing factors on family's use of technology.

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