StateData: The National Report on Employment Services and Outcomes – 2009

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Unemployment of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD) continues to be a significant public policy concern. This report looks at statistics over a 20-year period from several national data sets that address the status of employment and economic self-sufficiency for this population, and contains an overview of national trends, an in-depth perspective on how states collect and use employment data, and an Appendix with individual state and national profiles.
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Butterworth, John; Smith , Frank A.; Cohen Hall, Allison; Migliore, Alberto; Winsor, Jean
Institute for Community Inclusion (UCEDD)
Policy and Practice;Challenges; Services and Supports;Employment Outcomes; Methodology; National Survey of Day and Employment Outcomes; Rehabilitation Services Administration Outcomes; American Community Services; ACS; Social Security Administration; Data Systems and Decision-making: State ID/DD Agencies and their Employment Data


Institute for Community Inclusion (UCEDD)
University of Massachusetts Boston

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